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Originally Posted by Ronni View Post
When I am in the quest helper and click on any of the website links for assistance on a quest I get kicked out of the game. I recently did a clean install of Profit UI and am using the Profit UI Community edition under the /loadui command.

Any help is appreciated .... I'm too dumb to do quest without my quest helper and golden trail

Not using /loadui is the first hurdle. Going to a website with the in-game browser after using loadui is virtually a guaranteed crash. In the ProfitUI_CE Utility, go to the Files page and click "Make this UI the default." If the blue command link says something like "Stop using this UI as your default" then click it twice.

Try logging in and you should have ProfitUI without needing the /loadui command. The browser may still crash, in which case you can delete or rename eq2ui_mainhud_browser.xml in your ProfitUI_CE folder. This will load the default browser the next time you restart the game. The default browser is very lightweight and stands less of a chance of crashing your game session.

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