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Switching hotbar sets is not instant -- it takes a few seconds on my machine. Switching mid-combat may be too slow, but give it a try.

Macro for saving hotkeys: savehotkeys <layout_name>
Macro for loading hotkeys: loadhotkeys <layout_name>

Saving hotkey sets using the DarqUI window manager makes it possible to load them into the utility for transferring hotkeys to the Icon Bar. If you want to do this but also set up sets manually, use this naming format (no spaces -- use underscores instead):
savehotkeys <character_name>(<server_name>)<layout_name>.hotkeys
savehotkeys Baldaor(Halls_of_Fate)Geomancer.hotkeys

If you are putting hotkey macros on the DarqUI Icon Bar manually, put single quotes (apostrophes) around the whole thing.


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