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I love the idea. I wish that we were able to setup the hotbars like chat windows though, even if we were limited to using just the same exact hotbar spaces. I mean, I have every single space filled on a few hotbars, and it would be nice if I had tabs that would allow me to only show that specific type of spell/combat art. It would still use every space, but the tabs would allow me to see only those applicable spells under that category, if that makes sense.

Darq, is that an idea that can be implimented? I mean, I'm not trying to have extra hotbars created, I wouldn't have a problem with having the spaces all used overal (10 hotbars, 12 spaces each), just make it where you only see the spaces used that are for that category? I know that it'd probably become quite popular, since it would allow even new players to set up what they need.
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