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Originally Posted by bluja000 View Post
Unless, are you using the various hotbars, and they are being combined, like chat windows?
The hot bars themselves are not being combined like chat windows. It might look like that in my first picture since I was actually just using the chat boxes.

The idea was simply to have text boxes above my normal hot bars to help me sort & remember what spells do without having to constantly examine them.
I played this game on and off for years and every time I return, I'm always annoyed with trying to remember my hotbars(which gets more confusing with alts). Plus I could use this to help my new player friends that tend to get confused & overwhelmed by all the spells since they're used to more recent mmo's which don't use many hot bars.

Here's what I got so far after messing with Darq's file:
Hardly perfect but I'm happy. I'll tweak it more as I play.

If this is something you're still interested in, let me know and I'll try to show how to edit it. You don't even need uibuilder, you can edit it through notepad which is what I ended up doing after uibuilder stopped working for me(which I found out why afterwards).
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