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Default Profit and GU58

These files are now available via the autoupdater.

Install Instructions

Download the zip file attached to the bottom of the post.

Close EqII

Extract the zip file to your everquestii directory, wherever that is for you.

It should replace about 10 files.

Launch eqii.

Oct 11, 2010

Fixed a few cosmetic bugs in small persona and implied target windows.
Made the welcome screen hide an option instead of default.

Oct 10, 2010

I have updated the ui for gu58 and added a minor feature. Images of some updates below as well as a zip file with the changes.

If anyone would like to try this on test and give some feedback it would be appreciated.

** eq2ui_mainhud_welcome.xml (Welcome Screen)

Modified to make it optional to show on login and skinned to match Profit.
To make it not show on login open _ProfitUI_ShowWelcomeSetting.txt.

You will see this line

<Page Name="ShowFirst" Location="0,0" Size="0,0" ShowWelcomeFirst="true"/>

Change ShowWelcomeFirst="true" to ShowWelcomeFirst="false"

** eq2ui_mainhud_persona.xml (Persona/Inventory Window)

Default and both Variants:

Added Mount and Currency tabs.
Added tradeskill stats.
Updated doubleattack to multiattack.

Small variant has a compact mode that is very small.

** _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt

Updated for latest spell numbers as posted on eq2interface.

** _ProfitUI_ControlCenter.xml, _ProfitUI_Styles.xml, images/windowelements.dds, and images/specialelements.dds

Updated to facilitate hide and skinning of Welcome screen.

** eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml and eq2ui_mainhud_impliedtarget.xml (Target and Implied Target Windows)

Added casting bar to windows.
Casting bar shows over Level information when present so as not to increase the size of the windows.

** eq2ui_journals_quest.xml (Journal Window)

Added ability to click a link to search collections.

** eq2ui_mainhud_maintained.xml, _ProfitUI_Maintained_Extras.txt, and _ProfitUI_Maintained_Extras(hotbar 10).zip

Left Aligned Only (at the moment)

Updated to integrate Dragowulf's Spelltimer mod.

You can define any spell/buff you would like to be tracked by putting the information into _ProfitUI_Maintained_Extras.txt.

Optionally you can extract _ProfitUI_Maintained_Extras.txt from _ProfitUI_Maintained_Extras(hotbar 10).zip and replace the default to allow you to use hotbar 10 to define the spells to be tracked.

You can make a macro with the name of a proc and place on hotbar 10 to track it using the hotbar option.

If you do not change the files as they are you will see no difference to the maintained window from this update (for those who want to stay current but not use the timer feature)

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