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Default Mook Login w/ Saved Password & Autoplay

This file is available for download here:

After some initial setup, this mod allows you to save your password and use Autoplay when using EverQuest2.exe to launch the game directly between patches.

After following the normal installation procedure, take the following steps:

1- Open the new eq2ui_loginscene.xml file with Notepad or your favorite text editor
2- Search for YOURPASSWORDHERE and replace with your password (case-sensitive, of course)
3- A few lines below this are a series of buttons. (<Button LocalText="CharacterX" LocalTooltip="ServerX" ...) Replace Character1 with the name of one of your characters, and replace Server1 with the name of the server that character is on.
4- Repeat step 3 for all your other characters on the other buttons. (Character2 and Server2, Character3 and Server3, etc.) If you don't have 8 characters, just leave an extras alone.
5- Save the file.

Once you're done with the setup, just run EverQuest2.exe, click through the "advertisements" *snicker* , click the name of the character you want to play (or click the Clear button to go to the character selection screen), then click Connect or press Enter to play.

*Update: Added Clear button for switching to character selection screen

Disclaimer: The use of this mod will, naturally, leave your password sitting in an unencrypted plain text file on your computer. Do so at your own risk. There's a reason SOE doesn't let you save your password by default, and that reason is security. You and only you are responsible for the protection of your password. Always exercise appropriate security measures.
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