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Originally Posted by Drumstix42 View Post
I'm away on holiday for a bit.

Not sure why the Sets button would be acting different as I didn't change anything with that, but stranger things have happened.

As for the background missing, I'll try to double check the image files are all correct when I'm back. It probably won't be until at least Monday that I can take a peek.
I had to copy and paste layer updates and alpha layer updates to 3 images, across 12 sets, and it's been a while since I've done those updates. So I wouldn't be surprised if I mis-clicked at one point!
What I have discovered with the missing background is that you need to go to Variants | Set Variants, uninstall what you have under the UI Color Themes, then install what you would like to have, whether it is another or the same one. Close and you will have update(s). Now the background in window will show.

On another topic: The Arcane, Noxious & Elemental display in the StatBar is being truncated. The value of 166717 is being displayed as 16671. By changing the Size = 1, 2 to Size = 2, 1 in the .../UI/DrumsUI/DrumsUI/Settings/DrumsUI_StatBarSettings.xml file corrects the displays to show the full amount.

Hopes this helps.
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