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Originally Posted by flameweaver View Post
Whoops, typo, should have said examine window works WITHOUT crashing the client.

Right now the game is down for an update but definitely didn't have any issues with merchant and deity/infusion windows earlier this morning. Maybe run the DrumsUI updater and check which files you have on ignore.
I only have three files ignored: eq2map_ignorelist.xml, eq2ui_popup_add_poi.xml, and eq2ui_inventory_market.xml. iirc, one or two of those are related to the eq2maps POIs, and that's why they're ignored. The other was for something with the broker window that i can't remember right now, but it'd be weird if they were making the deity+infusion window be transparent or missing icons.

One of my friends also has the same issue I have, so I'm unsure how yours is working and ours isn't.
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