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Originally Posted by Therendil View Post
This looks good. The only issue I have is that it uses something from another published UI. I'm fine with that as long as Darq gives permission. I'm sure he will, but as a matter of policy, (and as a courtesy to other authors) I do require explicit permission before using someone else's code.

-= Therendil =-
Usually as long as those changes are called out in the change logs it's ok to incorporate stuff. Profit has always been what I call a bare bones UI and same for Drums when compared to DarqUI which is the full bells and whistles.

The other change I'm currently working on is integrating a spell timer monitor. It's a version of Drums which is no longer updated and the branding and files retain the names. I'm just not sure if Darq wants anything going to the updater that adds 4-5 new files. Everyone should know without his ongoing support this project would be in bad shape.

I'll post something in a few days if anyone wants a stand alone spell timer they can drop in Profit or any other UI if this can't be added to the CE updater.
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