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I'd handle this slightly differently with more of a Basic/Advance mode option which would allow for other stuff to go into the advanced mode...

| |_Group1
| | |_Member1
| | | |_AdvPage
| | | | |_arcane
| | | | |_elemental
| | | | |_etc...
| | | |_BasicPage
| | | . |_Rest of the member stuff
| | |_Rest of the member pages
| |_Rest of the group pages
|_Rest of the Window stuff

When mode is set to Basic, all AdvPages are hidden and Volume.CellSize = BasicPage.Size. When set to Advanced, Volume.CellSize = AdvPage.Size. This approach should allow us to add whatever we want to the AvdPages, not just the effect icons.

Player Targeting should be restricted to just the BasicPage area. The AvdPage and Member page should not trigger player targeting or absorb input. Even better would be if we could place any number of pages labeled "Hitbox" inside either/both Adv and basic pages to define the area(s) that trigger targeting.

We must be able to trigger scripts on mode change, preferably by scripting the mode toggle directly or via an out of frame button set by the actual toggle Advanced.Enabled=true/false. Ideally we'd get a dedicated RaidSettings popup (we can script and extend as needed) that auto-loads into memory when the raid window is first opened and persists so we can access the settings via script in other windows.

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