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This all looks very good. At this point I just need to be sure that I know which files are going into this update.

I like having a link out of the Control Center to a FAQ thread. Good thought there.

I realize that the UI dev community is very generous about letting people use their code. I still consider it polite to ask when the code is currently maintained by an active author. I am far less concerned about code that has been abandoned for all practical purposes, as in fact ProfitUI was.

I'm just not sure if Darq wants anything going to the updater that adds 4-5 new files. Everyone should know without his ongoing support this project would be in bad shape.
That's a profound understatement. Without Darq's help, ProfitUI would be dead or at least dying.

We would also be in tough shape without the help of the community members who have dived in to make fixes, but without the excellent new updater and the hosting that Darq has provided, all that good work wouldn't be going anywhere.

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