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Originally Posted by Zidu View Post
I really didn't think people used what I called the gobbledygook xp bar so much, especially now that Tithe only showed on the other bar.
As a point of interface design, I assume that people will complain if they don't like what they see. By that test, the standard order giving the XP bar priority has been canon for years, both in the default UI and in ProfitUI.

Originally Posted by Zidu View Post
I switched it back to default behavior for titlebar and frame to show xp bar and on hover in show tithe.
Thank you for doing that. I honestly believe that the majority of user (including me) prefer it that way.

Originally Posted by Zidu View Post
Profit uses titlebar and frame settings to show different things on the experience window and some users don't know this so hopefully they will figure out how to show tithe.

Titlebar and frame settings are also used on hotbars to show countdown timers and hopefully people figure that out too.
Yes. Good point. I think most users don't know that the coding of ProfitUI uses the frame and title bar settings to select variants of some windows.

Originally Posted by Zidu View Post
The following xp window is now titlebar/frame for xp and tithe on hover in

Frame only for tithe bar only

None for xp bar only
Good. This is the way I think it should stay for now, especially so that mouseover toggles what you see.

Originally Posted by Zidu View Post
The following line is what modifies this behavior if anyone wishes to change to their desire.

<Page Name="WC_Titlebar" OnHoverIn="Parent.WC_Frame.Visible=true" OnHoverOut="Parent.WC_Frame.Visible=false" OnShow="Parent.WC_Frame.Visible=false" PackSize="a,f" ScrollExtent="476,20" Size="476,20" Visible="false" />
New file below.
That was actually one of the questions I was going to ask. I was very curious what specific code drove that option.

So... I will push the latest version of the XP window to the updater so that people will see the behavior that they have seen in the past. We can work on figuring out how to make it a selectable option or variant file or whatever. I believe in giving people all possible choices, so I'm in favor of making this change if we can figure out how to do that.

Zidu, thank you for all your hard work and thank you for understanding that all of your ideas might not make it to prime time. This is exactly the sort of discussion that makes ProfitUI Community Edition what it claims to be.

-= Therendil =-
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