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Default CoE test files

I've got a first pass at the modifications. They're available at:

Note that these aren't totally complete. I've got the following:
  • The examine window
  • The loginscene splash screen and character login page
  • The revive/respawn window with the new point-of-need rez-in-place
  • The target and implied target windows with the new distance measurement
  • The welcome window's been brought current
  • The travel map's had the new Ethernere node added
  • The new stack count's been added to the maintained window, except for the duration-only variants
  • Updated all the skins (default, variant 1, classic) and all colors to include all the new graphics elements
I couldn't shoe-horn the stack count number into the duration-only maintained windows, there's just not enough space. I'm also not sure how clear the distance numbers will be on the target and implied target windows. I put the numbers on the right side above the health/power bars, mirroring the placement of the AA star and quest-update feather on the left side. In the simple targeting variant that's ugly because it sits on top of the epic-tier graphic, but the windows are so compact there's not any good empty space to put it elsewhere. Remember that you have to enable the distance meter in Options before it'll show up.

The following changes in beta aren't yet in:
  • The new tradeskill stats in the persona window
  • The pull-down for filtering passive effects in the persona window
  • The Experimentation tab in the tradeskill window
The tradeskill window's still incompatible, so if you need to craft in beta you'll have to delete eq2ui_tradeskills.xml and use the default window. If I can't get something done today, I'll probably add a new tradeskill variant that's just a copy of the default tradeskill window.

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