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Originally Posted by tknarr View Post
Not entirely fine on beta, the tradeskill window's incompatible because of the major changes for the Experimentation tab. Deleting eq2ui_tradeskills.xml and reverting to the default crafting window should be an acceptable workaround, and I'm planning on having the window updated for CoE (that's this weekend's major piece of work). Everything else seems to be working, there's a few missing graphics elements but I put up updated skinpacks earlier (that's what occupied my time this week, massaging all those .dds files in Gimp).
LOL yeah but then ya got me who uses a slightly modified version of Profit (from back when EliteUI was around) and some add in windows which might look pretty funky after the skin changes. Luckly I found a work around one time that I just renamed one of the element files changed referrences to old stuff to point to it and used one of the newer files in the profit areas. Did work but I am sure I will eventually be forced to stop doing that.
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