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Let me summarize it by saying I am intimidated by these forums because I know jack chit about this stuff. According to the fetish instructions (I dug em up and posted a screenie below) it said "...move the eq2.ini FROM the file..."! And yet, I didn't see a eq2.ini file in that folder!!! And the only thing anywhere close to it is the eq2 configuration file. Do I need to screenshot the file I got here???

Maybe that makes sense to some of you that are good with code and all that stuff, but not me. If it isn't simplistic like profit updater than I'm lost. Adding anything or taking anything away from files is not my thing. It intimidates me. So I just steer clear of the things (like fetish) that said one thing and the solution wasn't right there in big bold print.

In the future, eq2interface would do well to have a downloader of some sort that would help "code illiterate people" or "file type illiterate people" that are lost inside files, like ME.

I understand and appreciate your efforts (all of you that have stuff on this site).... I really do! They make our game better and our help us enjoy certain classes performace especially in raiding enviroments. But because it's simple to you guys, don't flame us nooblets that dont know anything about this stuff, when we come here to ask questions. To avoid it in the future just create a simple stupid uploader and keep it up to date.

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