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I've got the UI graphics done for CoE. They include all the stuff currently on Live, and all three sets of skins (default, default variant 1, classic) are up-to-date (or at least I believe they are). I'm putting them up on my server here:


if people want to grab copies and check them. This a zipped copy of the ProfitUI/images/skinpacks folder that holds the color variants after download. Take the variant and color you want and unzip the color.zip file into ProfitUI/images, overwriting the 5 files with the new ones for the color you want. If I missed anything, hopefully it'll show up and I can get it included before CoE.

The whole thing's a 32-megabyte download.

11/08: Preliminary test shows the classic skin, the most outdated, seems to work OK with no missing elements. I threw it into my own installation to test it.

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