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Default CoE UI XML changes affecting Profit

This is as of last night when I first got the beta. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a few more changes. I don't see anything that'd cause ProfitUI to break in beta, just some things won't be accessible without updates. I'm going to hold off until after 11/1 to do any work on it, I want to give SOE time to finalize changes before I do anything.

New files, should be no modifications needed:

Changed .dds files:

2 new elements: green exclamation-point icon on right side, bottom of a bubble in the center bottom

3 new elements: new SC logo icons on bottom right

Many new elements

Changed .xml files:

New chunk for Prosieben
A few location changes

New button and page for selecting respawn point

New button for PSC (Prosieben SC?)

Location/size/scrollextent changes for icon cells

Minor location/size and decoration change

Additions for Krono in the InventoryPage Page element
Changes to PassivePage, dropdown added
Minor arrangement changes on MountPage
New items in Tradeskill Page element
Lots of minor location/size/scrollextent changes
Lots of localization tag changes

Sourcerect change for NeutralInPvP

Addition of Prosieben SC items
Dynamic data changes for SC vs. Prosieben SC

Dropdown box for quantity for bulk crafting

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