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Originally Posted by offkilterkitty View Post
Darqwood, I do not think you are posting malware, and am rather insulted that was your first thought.

I was asking for help in clearing up the issue so I COULD continue to use the UI. Sometimes it is something in the coding that triggers the flag and can be resolved simply, especially if I was not the only one having the issue. I had not gotten such a message before in all my YEARS of using the UI and promoting it to others.

At least you did confirm that the path was the proper one and not high-jacked.

Forgive me if you were insulted. But I was surprised to say the least to see the equivalent of home address, phone number and social security number of my server broadcast on a public message board. Possibly -- and this is just me thinking out loud -- it may be more prudent if one is concerned about a web server being hijacked to send a private message to Therendil or me with the internet address in question. I promise we will take a personal interest in helping to sort out any concerns.

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