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Originally Posted by stormbourne View Post
My key binding for auto run suddenly changed itself & I can't get it to reset. Each time I attempt to reset it I get the message about using the same binding as is set for "Impulse_Freestyle".

I cannot find "Impulse_Freestyle", I do not know what it is! I use Profit & EqII Map.

Can anyone help me with this? I use "auto run" a lot & it is interfering with my game play!

Thanks in advance!


There is an IMPULSE_FREELOOK which is what happens if you hold down the left mouse button -- the camera pans around your character as you roll the mouse around. The key label for left mouse button is <LEFT BUTTON>.

When you click the Auto Run (toggle) button to change it, make sure you immediately type the keyboard key that you want, NUMLOCK for example. You should then see <NUMLOCK> appear on the button next to Auto Run (toggle). If the window still complains that IMPULSE_FREELOOK is already bound to a keyboard key, go ahead and hit the NUMLOCK key (or whatever your choice is) to override it. I don't think you want a keyboard key bound to a command that only makes sense for a mouse action.

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