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This just gets more interesting. In fact, my version show as, which is odd, considering I check for updates about once a week. I checked right after I initially posted and it's indicating "up to date," which I now know is incorrect. I am seeing my characters, I just have to click the arrow to pull up a specific one. Not sure why I don't have latest version, but would love to know why I seem to have missed two previous updates to utility.
I went ahead and downloaded the latest version so it's showing, so I now have access to the screens you were referring to. However, in trying to work some of the features, I'm getting an error message about census not updating, so I'll wait til Thursday to see what will happen.

Getting this message as of this morning: "There was a problem getting names from census. Make sure you are connected to the internet and then restart the utility." This repeats itself every time I try to start it. Since I'm actually in game atm, it's obviously connecting to the internet. Any ideas?

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