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Default Settings not being retained

Hi Darq,
Great work, the interface is very well done on many fronts.
I downloaded and installed it, following the instructions and everything went well up to when I loaded in game and nothing had changed, I double checked everything then asked in game and was told to use /loadui, which I did. I then spent quite some time setting up my new interface, which went great, until I camped out, when I came back the nav bar buttons that I changed had reverted to default. Also the Extended player window and floating nav bar had disappeared, I went into the settings and they were still checked to be active and displayed, I can uncheck and recheck them to get them to appear but every time I camp they don't load on entering world. (Extended player is NOT set to only display in combat). Also the 3 little buttons at the bottom of the start menu revert to their default settings, I have looked all over the forums, turned off setup new exp bar for new characters, deleted settings on my toon Bearrwin and tried everything I can think of, all characters I have tried are effected by this bug, and none of them have "abnormal" characters in their names. I should also note that I tried setting the icons on the nav bar via the utility to see if that helped, but same problem.
Any help would be appreciated.
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