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Originally Posted by Mhimic View Post
I used this UI for years when I first started playing (about 4-5 years). I uninstalled it about a month or 2 ago with a new update because of warnings which stated that it wouldn't work.

Well I am lost without it but meantime I've had Windows 10 installed. Which means that none of the instructions for installing look anything like Windows 10 at all. I'm lost and not sure how to proceed. I can find the EQ2 file in C:\Users\Owner\Documents\games\eq2 but there the similarity ends.

I did create a new UI folder and things are not working for me.

Would anybody know what I need to do to get this to work?
I figured it out! I found an older forum thread that asked this same question about where are the EQ2 files at? In C-users-public-installed games-

Hope this helps other people.
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