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Maintained Spell Monitor

This window copies selected icons from the Maintained Spells window to spell tiles in a consistent place on screen, allowing you to track them more easily. The icons are larger with labels for Prestige Stack values, countdown timers and amounts remaining (wards, poison charges, etc.) You can monitor up to nine Maintained spells depending on your class and AA choices.

Important: The Maintained Spells window has a limit of 30 visible icons, even though you can have more than 30 maintained spells simultaneously on your character. If the buff you are monitoring falls outside of this limit, it won't appear in the Maintained Spell Monitor. Follow the suggestions below for Hiding Maintained Spells if you find that your monitored spells are not appearing.

Display and Layout

Display modes There are four choices for how to display the monitored data: two tile modes with spell and target text, and two icon-only modes. To display spells in the specific order listed in the setup grid, choose a Fixed mode. Using Fixed tiles or Fixed icons, when the Maintained spell in slot four appears, for example, it will always occupy the fourth slot in the window.

Stacking modes display spells as they appear in the Maintained window. Monitored spells are added to the bottom of the stack as they appear, leaving no gaps as the effects are applied, expire, and are removed. Using a stacking mode allows all copies of a maintained spell such as a ward or a poison effect to be observed. In fixed modes, all instances of a spell appear on the same tile.

Icon value displays There are three integer values that can appear superimposed on the icon depending on the spell or combat art:
  • Stack (upper left corner) Prestige Stack values shown in green
  • Amount (upper right corner) e.g. wards, poison charges
  • Timer (lower right corner) countdown timer, usually in seconds

In virtually every case, Stack and Timer values are small integers that will display in full on the icon. Amount values on the other hand can reach into the tens of millions. Amount values of one million and above are abbreviated to the nearest million. For example a ward for 21,345,678 will display as 21M.

Displaying full Amount values If you want to see full Amount values, check the associated checkbox on the setup page. You will also need to choose one of the full tile display modes. For tiles that have a followup spell, the button will appear behind Amount value and target displays. Mouse over the button to raise its text.

Listen to the Maintained Spells window If you have a character that does not need the monitor, uncheck this box to remove the window from the screen and stop the dynamic data listeners.

Spell grid

Spell name Type the maintained spell effect you want to monitor. It should appear exactly as it does on the Maintained window tooltip, including any level identifier (III, IV, V, etc.) When the spell appears in the Maintained effects window, it will also appear in this slot on the monitor in fixed modes.

Follow-up spell Spells such as wards can be configured with a button to recast the spell onto the current target. Certain Prestige AA lines have stack increments that accumulate during an encounter, with an accompanying spell that consumes the increments. Maintained spell tiles of this type can be configured with the consuming spell on a handy button on the tile.

If you want to recast the same spell onto its current target, type recast spell on target in this slot. (In the utility, if you type the word recast the cell will finish the line.) If you want to cast a different spell such as a consuming spell for a Prestige Stack counter, type the exact name of the spell here. Mercenaries cannot receive spell recasts from this button. If you leave the followup field blank, the spell's current target amd current full Amount value if enabled) will appear on the tile.

Using follow-up spells with icon modes When using fixed or stacking icon modes the follow-up button is superimposed on the icon and bordered in red. If you are using one of the tile modes and resize the window down to only the icons, the follow-up button will appear over the icon.

Warning logic Maintained Spell tiles can also be configured to give visual feedback if a displayed value falls into or out of a range of values that you choose.

To receive visual feedback when one of the three monitored values falls within a certain range, choose a logical expression in the next three cells. Logic choices are LT (less than), GT (greater than), and EQ (equal to).

For example, if you are monitoring scout poison charges, you might set up Amount LT 10, so the tile will flash when the number of charges falls below 10. Any value that appears in the corners of the icon can be used as setpoint logic. Stack and timer values are evaluated up to 16384. Values up to one-hundred million (99,999,999) can be evaluated from the Amount values. When adjusting an Amount setpoint above 99,999 you must type the value, as the +/- buttons will not work for larger values.

Continuous alerts You may want to use the setpoint warning as a continuous reminder for certain spells such as Singular Focus. In cases like this where there are no integer values to compare against, set one of the logic types at less than one. For example:
Stack LT 1
Note that continuous setpoints set up in this manner will not display out of combat if you chose "Show warnings in combat only."

Setpoint display When the configured value falls into the range specified, the tile background will light in the color shown.

Hiding Maintained Spells

Up to 30 maintained spells can be displayed and monitored, even though your character can have more than 30 active at any given time. Maintained spells and buffs can quickly exceed this limit when grouping or raiding. If you are monitoring a buff that falls outside of the 30 icon limit, it will disappear from the monitor until other transient buffs drop off.

You can hide maintained buffs that you don't need to see, thereby freeing up more visible slots. Buffs that you may want to hide include deity and guild buffs, self-buffs, mounts, familiars, harvesting boosts, create/shrink constructs and pets. Most maintained spells of this type have a matching icon in the Spell Effects window.

To hide unnecessary icons, check the Enable Spell Filtering Options checkbox on the Options tab of the Character window. Next, right-click the icon in the Spell Effects window that matches the desired Maintained Spells icon and click Hide Effect. Maintained spells cannot be hidden directly from the Maintained Spells window.

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