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Default RE: Tradeskill levelup/selection issue

There are three files in Fetishnightfall where these three text strings appear:

(1) eq2ui_popup_language.xml
(2) eq2ui_hud_selection.xml
(3) eq2ui_hud_savecustomoptions.xml

(1) does not look like a problem - there is a similar file under the default UI, and the Fetish version looks like a straight re-skinning.

It looks like (2)+(3) are where the problem lies. The default UI has only one file (eq2ui_hud_selection.xml), where Fetish has two. It looks like the default UI did have two files, and SOE quietly combined them into one (The current default UI seems to do what (2)+(3) together do, and the default 'eq2ui_hud.xml' file contains two includes of 'eq2ui_hud_selection.xml').

Now: I cant test this (I have no char at L10 crafting), but a quick fix would be to:

(1) Rename 'eq2ui_hud_selection.xml' to something else. Then Fetish will pick up the (same-named) file from the default UI.
(2) Edit 'eq2ui_hud.xml' in your Fetish UI directory, and delete the include line for 'eq2ui_hud_savecustomoptions.xml'.

Now, Fetish should pick up the same set of hud files as the default UI. One might be unskinned, but otherwise functional.
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