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Originally Posted by Dartanias View Post
Hey everyone.

Does anyone know if it's possible to force certain spells or combat effects to remain at the top of the Maintained Window?

For example, as a Monk tanking I have defensives such as Bob and Weave and Tsunami. That start their recast cycle immediately but have no obvious timer to running out. Sometimes on Maintained Window they vanish in the middle of combat arts etc leaving me trying to find out when one runs out to cast another.

It'd be nice if I could say, Tsunami, always goes to the top of the list or at the bottom of the list so it stands out etc.

You may be interested in Zidu's adaptation of the DrumsUI spell timer window for ProfitUI. You can find it at the very bottom of this thread. I could have sworn Therendil added this to the ProfitUI CE updater, but I'm not seeing it. Will investigate that, but in the meantime try downloading the files manually from the thread. You can edit the settings file to add Tsunami, etc., to the monitored spells separate from the maintained window.

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