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These files allow for the manual editing of the spells to be tracked by the Drums Spell Timer.

The first post here had incorrect files so I'm uploading the new ones.

Edit#2 9/9
Settings file now includes file extension renamed to .txt and a spelling error fix in the example.

Removed <include> for settings file from profit_custom

Control Center spell timer tooltip refers to settings.txt

Drums_ST file changed include of settings extension to .txt

Updated files below
Attached Files
File Type: txt _ProfitUI_DrumsUI_ST_Settings.txt (17.1 KB, 161 views)
File Type: xml _ProfitUI_ControlCenter.xml (21.6 KB, 147 views)
File Type: xml _ProfitUI_custom.xml (945 Bytes, 148 views)
File Type: xml _ProfitUI_DrumsUI_ST.xml (187.6 KB, 151 views)

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