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kchcih 03-09-2017 09:29 PM

Maintained spells window
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My maintained spells window is doing strange things. When I have the left (default) window downloaded it looks like the attached and doesn't scroll so I can't see the spells I'm actually casting as opposed to the 18+ maintained spells that wardens have. I've attached a screen shot. Sometimes it goes away and when I zone again it comes back. Any idea what's going on?

Thanks, Kay

radient 02-12-2018 04:15 PM

i am having the exact same issue and just posted a new thread about it.

oddly enough, it is also on my warden that this exact thing is happening.

the lack of a response for you does not give me much hope for resolution tho.

its pretty annoying not being able to see the buffs i am casting last which are at the bottom, buried by 10 maintained spells that will not move.

radient 02-12-2018 04:25 PM

here is some more information on this issue, at least with my ui.

if i shrink the size of the window by grabbing the right edge and dragging it left, eventually the icons, the weird bars, the text, all vanish, starting with the icons first. the ones at the bottom that are still scrollable are not affected. like its two different windows mashed into one.

also, when i hover over any of those "stuck" maintained spells, the popup displays totem of the deadly sabertooth. i turned off its autoconsume, cancelled the totem, and that is still the popup message, again, like it is two different windows getting mashed into one.

is there anyone that can help resolve this???

Darqwood 02-12-2018 05:58 PM

Does it only happen on the warden?

radient 02-12-2018 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by Darqwood (Post 107716)
Does it only happen on the warden?

logged in a monk, /loadui profit, even did /load_uisettings and loaded the wardens ui settings onto the monk.

does not happen.

repeated the same thing on my coercer. did not happen.

my conclusion is that yea, this is a warden issue. no clue what about the warden would do it though

radient 02-12-2018 11:50 PM

playing around with this a bit more. this is what i found.

it only happens on maintained buffs, whether they are self or group.

any buff that is raid or group friend acts normal.

it doesn't matter what order i cast them in. self or group buff has this odd behavior. raid or group friend buff does not.

the odd ones do not scroll. the raid or group friend buffs will. even though they are all in the same window supposedly.

also, random things like mount buff, guild buff, arcannae buff, random guild hall buff items, are all in the "normal" and scrollable section.

the deadly sabertooth popup thing doesn't happen anymore, but now those odd behaving maintained spells have no information popup when hovering over the icons.

im going to try completely uninstalling profitui ce and reinstalling it.

edit: uninstall and re-install fixed nothing. also, just to be thorough, i logged my mystic in and loaded profitui, like maybe it was something specific to healers, but no. nothing. so it is definitely something with wardens specifically. and one last bit of info. when i log my warden in, the maintain window is totally normal while loading, meaning i still cant interact with the game world. as soon as it finishes loading and i can start moving and clicking things, it switches to the buggy state. no matter what the order of the buffs is in the maintain window while im loading in, those specific self and group buffs switch to the top, get the weird bar, become unscrollable etc......THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL

radient 02-13-2018 12:47 AM

ok so i figured this out. i guess it was just coincidence that my warden was the only toon i have that has all their self and group bufffs in hotbar 10.

profitui_maintained_extras is hotbar 10 extras.

when i moved those buffs off hotbar 10 into hotbar 3, the weird effect went away. all is normal now. so note to self, anything cast from hotbar 10 that will show in the maintained window will have this very annoying "why would you do this!?!?!?" issue.

i tried changing that file to "default extras and it was always the hotbar 10 so i must assume hotbar 10 is the default "extras" hotbar? and i must assume "extras" means they are locked at the top of the maintained window? but why would we want that big bar with it....idk its all weird to me.

Darqwood 02-13-2018 09:48 AM

This is good detective work, radient. Apparently the icons at the top are a variation of the spell timers found in various other UIs. As you discovered, they are added above the normal Maintained tiles when they are dropped onto Hotbar 10.

The icons are partially cut off in my example, but in playing around with the feature it looks like the bars do work for spells that have timers:

When you describe it as two windows mashed together, that's pretty much what it is -- a spell timer and the ProfitUI Maintained window. Not long ago a variation of the DrumsUI spell timer window was added to ProfitUI_CE, which gives basically the same result as the "extras" code, except that the icons with timers appear in a separate window and you add spell names manually to the configuration text file instead of using hotbar 10. Hotbars are at a premium these days, so for a lot of users it may make more sense to use the separate window for their timers.

Looking at the files on the server, it appears that players were getting the hotbar-10 feature whether or not they chose it from the variants. I went ahead and made some changes that will allow players to choose whether or not they want to use the hotbar 10 spell timers. Note that only the left-aligned default ProfitUI maintained window actually uses any of this.

Since as of today every ProfitUI_CE user has the hotbar-10 code, I changed that to the default choice, with "no extras" as a variant. Now when you choose "no extras" you will actually get no extras, and you can use the ProfitUI left-aligned default maintained window without avoiding hotbar 10.

Try this out and post again if you see anything wonky with it.


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