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Katmandu26 07-26-2014 09:08 PM

Need help with Paint Shop Pro 9 and DDS editing
I've recently returned to EQ2 and have been working on a custom UI out of bits and pieces of others. I downloaded the DDS plugin from NVidia and have been using it in Paint Shop Pro successfully, but I think I'm not using the plugin correctly if anyone can help.

I loaded up the original image without the mipmaps and edited it, then saved it using default settings. It seemed to be the only thing that worked correctly, but there are still errors.

Here's an example -

The edited file looks fine. It's the windowelements.dds file, and I've included the plugin settings I'm using. It creates its own mipmap file and saves with these settings. If I used the original mipmap file, it did not load up correctly at all.

When I load up in to the game, there are breaks in the bars as if part of the image is occluded or missing.

Is there anyone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong? I love the edited look and would happily share the dang thing if I could get it to look right. I'd be happy to share the .dds file if anyone wants to take a look at the edit, too.

Drumstix42 07-27-2014 02:18 AM

Try saving without mip maps. Don't think they are needed. I've had trouble with chat tabs in the past too. They seem buggy :(

Katmandu26 07-27-2014 03:10 PM

Thanks! I'll give it a try :)


Dumping the mipmaps did indeed fix the issue. I did have it happen one more time but by making the pixels simply a shade lighter, a re-save was useable.

Thanks for the help!

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