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Offical Forums 01-25-2024 12:10 PM

[Live] Update Notes - January 25, 2024
  • Zimara Breadth: Crested Expanse [Raid]
    • Chohnkanon has had his custom mechanics reuse changed to recast faster as he gets lower in health as opposed to over time which was causing issues. The overall time between mechanics has also been increased slightly to prevent overlapping mechanics.
    • Maximum health for all bosses within the zone have been reduced.
    • Combat Mitigations for all bosses within the zone have been reduced slightly.
    • The version of “Chohnky Spines” applied to Chohnkanon should now be taken into consideration before scheduling the next mechanic in his cycle. Some later versions of the mechanic applied will still overlap if not reacted to properly.
There is no downtime associated with this update.


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