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jeffjl 01-21-2020 02:31 PM

Account is in use
Every once in a while, a "/camp altname" typed in the chat box will fail and EQII will pop up a message saying that account is in use. Darqui has nothing to do with that.

But, if I have my two accounts' login, password, and character list in the Darqui "Account camp list", I cannot get re-logged in on the account that got that error. EQII comes back with "login rejected". If I select a character from the other account, I can log in.

For example:
  • I'm playing char1 on acct1
  • type in: /camp char2 (char2 is on acct1)
  • "account in use"
  • select char2 (or any char) from the acct1 char list in the camp screen
  • "login rejected"
  • select charA from acct2
  • login succeeds

I can re-enter my login credentials there in the camp dialog for acct1 to try to get to char2, and it still gets "login rejected".

Now here's the fuzzy memory part: I think if I do not have my login credentials in the Darqui "Account camp list", so I have to manually enter them in the camp dialog, I can get logged in after an "account in use". Or maybe it was a totally empty "Account camp list" that made it work.

Unfortunately this is really hard to test since it depends on the random "account is in use" error from EQII.

Darqwood 01-23-2020 11:31 AM

Sorry you're having trouble with the account login window, jeffjl. Before I give you a long list of things to try, a question: Does one (or both) of your accounts have a huge number of characters (including deleted characters) on it?

I have gotten "Account is in use" using both DarqUI and Default, so like you I don't attribute it to the custom UI. Whenever I get the error I have to give it a minute or so before I can log in again on any character on that account. It may be a simple matter of giving it a few extra seconds to release acct1 on the server, or whatever it's doing during that 60 seconds or so.

If that doesn't get acct1.char1 logged in, the next thing I would try is, before doing bullet point #4, click the acct2 tab then go back to the acct1 tab and choose char2. This will ensure the correct credentials get re-entered into the slots on the account login window (not the camp window). It's possible that the account/password slots on the account login window are getting fouled up when you get the error so clicking acct2, then acct1.char2, should refresh everything.

If it's still not recovering from the error message, I would try temporarily deleting eq2ui_loginscene.xml and eq2ui_mainhud_shutdown.xml from your custom UI folder. That will move the entire login procedure to Default. Use that for a few days and see what happens when you manually type creds into the window after the account-in-use error (Type /camp login or use the "Camp to Login" button since you won't have any of the custom stuff.) I get that error so rarely that it's hard to diagnose, and I'd be curious to know your results.


jeffjl 02-10-2020 10:53 AM

I finally figured this out. And though it is probably just me, I'll post the result anyway.

Turns out I had a leading space in the login name for "acct1" in the DarqUI accounts.xml file. This apparently is not a problem at any time other than immediately after an "Account is in use" situation. I removed the space and now all of the login options work after an "Account is in use" popup.

Darqwood 02-11-2020 10:02 AM

Very good to hear. I've added a check in the next utility to trim leading and trailing spaces in these fields. Thank you for the feedback!

Rosyposy 02-11-2020 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by Darqwood (Post 109334)
Very good to hear. I've added a check in the next utility to trim leading and trailing spaces in these fields. Thank you for the feedback!

Awesome, Darq! A space tripped me up in DarqUI once - since I've encountered the same issue in MS Excel I was able to figure it out. However, this will help immensely!

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