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Landiin 01-11-2011 11:22 AM

Heads UP.
Unless someone sends me a copy of the default UI from beta, eXtreme will prob show false information and have bugs/issues untill I can get it fixed after DoV goes live as I am not in this years beta.

Dolby 01-11-2011 04:14 PM

Got a month before launch which in most beta's is too early to even know all the UI changes. Thats a lot of time, I'm sure they will be adding more people. If there were a lot of UI changes I'm sure they would have passed more invites to UI authors ;).Please don't tempt people to break the current NDA.

Landiin 01-11-2011 05:12 PM

Oh I didn't mean for them to send me the info now :) I meant like when it went live or the NDA was lifted. That way I could work on it while I patched DoV. Sorry for the misunderstanding there.

TalTal 01-11-2011 06:12 PM

I pm'd rothgar and he said their were no major ui changes. Also have a report of profit working fine on beta. Not in beta though so cannot be sure.


Landiin 01-11-2011 06:36 PM

Yea there is no major changes that will effect the current operation of the UI. However there are a phew data changes that will have to be changed in various windows.

Zonx 01-12-2011 10:11 PM

IMed Rothgar this evening about UI authors for Beta, he said they would be doing another round of approvals shortly that should catch everyone that has registered and NDAed, but has not yet been accepted.

I posted a link to Beta Reg in the Featured Authors forum if you haven't hit it yet ;)

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