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maliki7676a 10-07-2021 03:26 PM

Creating UI pieces just for the fun of it...
Good day to you all,

Just wondering if anybody else sits here coding things just for the fun of it.

For me I'm working on a project, just too see if I can. getting frustrated at time, when I screw something up, and have to figure out what changed for it not to work. hehe...

I know some projects, aren't needed, because it's easy to make a macro to open a webpage to the specific information page. But it helps to pass the time too..

My question(s) is. What projects do you work on, or have worked on???

I also (since I don't know a lot), take some Ui windows and screw them up and then fix them again to learn, or sometimes refigure them to a different shape or whatnot.

Just a simple question. Thanks in advance.
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