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Offical Forums 10-23-2023 07:41 PM

[Live] Update Notes - October 24, 2023
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Ebb and Flow adornments from being granted by their respective achievements. Players that have earned these achievements but did not receive the adornments will find the adornments placed in their bags upon login.
  • The reward tier and drop weighting for items dropped from the Avatar of Fear, Avatar of Growth, and Avatar of Mischief have been standardized.
  • Removed a restriction on Insomniatic Rage that prevented non fighters from triggering the triggered effect.
  • Ill Will 3 and 4 have been brought into progression with Rise of Kunark itemization and no longer require The Shadow Odyssey be active on the server.
  • Gooey Gobdrop - This illusion no longer has unintended predicates for use.
  • Festering Bag - This illusion no longer has unintended predicates for use.
  • Corrected several avatar loot tables to now have functional treasure cache functionality.
  • Celebrations of the Dead XVI - Cage of Rattling Chains recipe added to the recipe book, as intended.
  • Veksar: The Invasion is now properly flagged as a Rise of Kunark zone
  • Blackish Iron Leggings will now grant a Rise of Kunark flagged Dirty Crusade: Legs adornment.


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