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Offical Forums 05-27-2020 09:51 AM

[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 27, 2020
Salvesetter's Shining Bangle - Item name is now spelled correctly.

The Blinding: Magic and Might - Journal typo corrected.
Items related to the "Binding to the Dark" quest should now be able to be looted by those who have already started the quest.

Tradeskill work order and rush order writs are now available in guildhalls for tradeskillers above level 110.


Aurelian Coast
The spelling of sambata spiritualists has been corrected.

Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens [Challenge Raid]
Corrected an issue with Tegu becoming immune to damage even when other members of his party have been reduced appropriately.
"Continued Barrage" will still hit for larger amounts than intended. This will be addressed in later update and should only affect the Regu. Tegu, and Pegu encounter.
Scrawl has been found to have an issue related to his "kicked up dustball" adds. He has been despawned and allowed to be skipped in regards to progression within the zone. He will not need to be killed to unlock the Tegu, Regu, and Pegu encounter. Once the issue is addressed he will be returned to being required to progress.


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