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benjcallaghan 11-12-2021 11:11 PM

[Beta] [Bug] Long zone names wrap poorly
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In Visions of Vetrovia, weekly missions will list all relevant dungeons in the Current Zone field of the quest journal. This creates rather long zone names, such as "Dedraka's Descent, Warpwood Cairn, Carrion Crag, Caverns of the Forsaken, and Predator's Perch". When the quest journal is not wide enough to display all of this on one line, it wraps the zone name. The second line is then hidden underneath other quest fields, as shown in the attached screenshot. Is it possible to update the line wrapping so all zone names are still visible?

Darqwood 11-13-2021 06:56 AM

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Thanks for pointing this out. A tooltip has been added to the Current zone label. There are some tricky things that can be done to show multiple lines, but using the tooltip is the least disruptive way to address the problem for those rare cases. (Default UI only assigns enough space for one line of text.)

Check for updates with the utility, then check the "Accept" checkbox on Quest Journal to force it to download. The change is submitted but version numbers won't increase until after VoV goes live.

benjcallaghan 11-13-2021 05:26 PM

Thanks for the quick response and fix! I just tested it out on the beta server, and it looks good.

Darqwood 11-14-2021 01:56 PM

Thank you for the feedback. One addendum: some other changes were submitted today and some of them involved the Quest Journal. So you should be able to get those (Live and Beta) updates with a new version number, without having to force the download.


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