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Pelee 02-13-2014 12:58 AM

[Added] The Fabled Djinn Master's Prism
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<ImageStyle Name="exp01_dun_shimmering_citadel_fabled_prism" displayname="The Fabled Djinn Master's Prism" menugroup="Desert of Ro" zonerect="-16, -296, 348, 129">
<ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_exp01_dun_shimmering_citadel_fabled_prism_0.dds" SourceRect="0,0,436,508" />

Once again, thank you to everybody that makes awesome maps for us all, and thank you for suffering ours. :)

Pelee & Miravalles, Revelations guild of Crushbone

jnils 02-14-2014 04:16 PM

Should the map realy look like a 3d map ?

Pelee 02-14-2014 08:05 PM

That's the way the zone was designed, it seems. The walls are not lined up north-south. I think I went heavy on the shadows too, which adds to the effect. The east-most wall definitely curves the way the map shows. I checked that, as positioning in that room is crucial to the raid's success.

lordebon 02-16-2014 04:07 PM

I can double check the angle of the walls next time I'm in there, but it still feels like it's off, unless the walls really do go at non-right angles.

One request as well: could you remove the Water/Earth/Ice/Fire in the background? That could be misleading for folks, since the portals on the final fight move around.

Drumstix42 02-16-2014 07:55 PM

The zone is definitely crooked.

Pelee 02-19-2014 01:57 PM

The map is correct. The zone is that crooked.

As to the water earth fire ice words, I can remove them if necessary, but they are not POI's nor are they placed even close to where the portals spawn. There should be no assumption made between the words and the location of the portals.

jnils 02-21-2014 11:20 AM

The map is now live. Thanx

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