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Offical Forums 08-10-2020 08:03 PM

[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday August 11, 2020
  • Cloak of Peculiar Allies may be converted into a waist item upon examine, and will return any Shards of Peculiar Allies spent to level the Cloak. This conversion is one way only, and cannot be undone.
  • Peculiar Medallion rewards will now only increase from double or triple events if the granting quest was obtained during the event. This means that a weekly reward obtained before the double event started will only grant its normal reward amount, even if it is completed during the double event, however if you pick up a mission during a double event, and do not complete it until after the double event has ended, you will still receive your double rewards.
  • Items stuck in guild banks with a stack size of 0 will now be removed when the guild bank loads.
  • Festra Shallowfoot has discovered a new supply chain and is able to offer some interesting rewards for Shadowmarks and Marks of Twilight. Items added:
    • Scepter of Shadows for 500 Marks of Twilight
    • Umbral Eye: Green Adornment for 500 Marks of Twilight
    • Rune: Ragebourne Insight for 500 Shadowmarks
    • Vindicator's Rune of Greater Mysteries for 500 Shadowmarks
  • The Dream Scorcher - Kullaba's nightterrors should no longer spawn.
  • Tegi are no longer classified as grimlings.
  • Wracklands: Showdown at High Noon [Challenge]
    • All named encounters now have reduced health.
  • The Vault of Ssraeshza [Heroic]
    • Umbral Lord Yzo should now always drop a chest and allow progression once defeated.


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