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cooldeath 03-25-2011 03:26 AM

Zones with no map
Please post replies to this thread if you find a zone large enough to warrant making a map of it.

I'd like compile a list of zones that do not have any map made for them.
Below is the list of zones that do not have a map.

Full Zones (large zones)
Crags Estate (the 7yr vet reward house) - posted in unfinished maps
Icy Keep: Retribution
The Loping Plains Instances - Evernight Abbey Locs done - posted in unfinished maps
Venril's Lair

Medium Priority
the shroomba cave in echo echo canyon. Greater Faydark

Cave Systems Enchanted Lands, etc.
Wakening lands caves and giants section
Low Priority
Hammerfall Barrel Chambers, 2012 Brewday mini-zone

Smaller player housing
Yearly events
Zones small enough not to get lost in =)

If anyone knows of a zone with no map, please reply here and I'll add it to the list.

gm9 03-25-2011 10:00 AM

We tried getting a full zone list from SOE years ago but never were able to. If you want to compile one here please go ahead, I'll sticky this one for you while you keep it updated.

If you feel like creating missing maps please do not forget the many posts in this forum here that did not result in finished maps. Basically every thread without [added] in the front of the name (unless too old). Many are just /loc posts that someone needs to forge into an actual map image.

Emelie 04-10-2011 05:55 AM

i can't access the link so i don't know what list it have.

some map i miss tho is
think there is more player houses without map, don't remember the 5 room halas house to have one, but the list on maps don't seams to include any houses so i can't double check that. http://maps.eq2interface.com/map.php no guildhalls eather i think on this list even tho they are in game.

from moonlight enchantment
Enchanted Brownie Grotto
Enchanted Dryad Grotto
Enchanted Naiad Grotto

(this 3 probably share map whit some other zone perhaps not made?)

Bar of Brell is missing a map.

same cave systems are missing to some zone can mention enchanted lands and antonica.
there are already some cave system maps in game, i think it can be a con that they are there own maps, i would prefer if it was possible to put such map as an overlay on original map sharing same poi. thinking it could be like a level map (original + the cave levelmap) cave map could be original and cave put on top of it whit no opacity and original to have cave on top but whit 80% opacity. if it would work this way i would be much easier to follow group members as they now disappear in and out on cave (from map that is) and if seeing in original map that they are following a tunnel system it is easy to know that they are in cave not on top of it.

from tower of frozen shadow in DoV missing the labyrint layout
Tower of Frozen Shadows: 4th Floor: Darkness Rising (Raid)
Tower of Frozen Shadows: 4th Floor: Darkness Rising
the empty area in middle (the left one) are a smaller labyrinth not easy finding in it and in raidzone it is made so you have to be able to run out of there quickly.
think this could work as two layers but if getting a map at all in any matter would be good

cooldeath 04-28-2011 12:11 PM

That's odd, the mushroom ring maps have always shown up for me, though they were from the zone they were copied from.

Cave systems having their own map would be really great, someday it might get done. Doing an overlay so the POI can be shared is not very easy because I can not find the original maps to pull the map information from.

I've had a few requests for ToFS maps of that damn ring below Cara. Unfortunately I'm unable to find the original map so I can edit it. What I may do is just make the lower section it's own map, because it is very easy to get lost in there.

For Bar of Brell, that would be on a lower priority list. More of a "it's nice to have a map just to have one" list. The same would go for player housing.

Joscelin V. 12-23-2011 10:50 PM

Silver Leaf Inn - 2 level Acorn
5 Attachment(s)
I've been attempting to create 2 maps (upper and lower floors) for the Kelethin 2 level Acorn house - Silver Leaf Inn. I've gathered the /loc's and textures. I've even created most of the files. What I'm having trouble with is it will not show up in-game. I'm guessing it's because Paint.net will not allow me to change the format to anything. It saves the format automatically in a format I cannot see and I do not have Photoshop on my Windows 7 machine. Additionally, I've had some issues with editing the XML file with the correct zonerect, availablerect, heightmin, heightmax and a couple other values. This is much harder than the tutorial explains with Paint.net.

This has been rather frustrating but I at least got most of it done. If there is another way to do this using the Paint.net program please let me know and I'll finish it. Otherwise, I'll just submit what I have so it can be completed by someone with a better understanding of the programs involved.

I have enclosed the 2 .jpg images so the textures can be seen for what I have in mind, as well as the .dds files and /loc file. It's funny that I was able to get the texture file to show in game from an earlier attempt that didn't look so good. That version also didn't allow a person to actually move on the map. All I could do was watch the arrow that represents my character spin in the upper left corner outside the map. Was kind of funny until I got tired of trying to fix it and start all over from scratch.

I have plans to create 3 maps (the third level is accessible via 2 climbable walls) for the Residence of the Blades prestige house.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Joscelin Verreiul - Freeport Server
61st Season Mercenary/Swashbuckler
Honor Bound Guild

jnils 12-24-2011 06:29 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Replace your _User_MapStyles.xml and copy your 2 DDS to images\maps\

And your done :)

For the images you could try to remove the 2 blue crosses in the corners.

Joscelin V. 12-24-2011 10:20 PM

3 Attachment(s)
That works fabulously. I took out the blue "t"s and here are the .dds files without them. I included a .jpg that indicates the area where I'd like the maps to transition. Is it just a matter of tweaking the heightmin and heightmax values to have the transition happen in a specific area? If so, then I'll play with the values.

Thanks so much for the .xml file.

Joscelin Verreiul - Freeport Server
61st Season Mercenary/Swashbuckler
Honor Bound Guild

lordebon 12-24-2011 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by Joscelin V. (Post 99249)
Is it just a matter of tweaking the heightmin and heightmax values to have the transition happen in a specific area? If so, then I'll play with the values

In this case yes, since it's a simple stacked map. Basically, find where you want to transition in game, take a /loc and use that value for the heightmin of the upper floor / heightmax of the lower. For more complex maps where you have multiple on the same z-range (eg, a submap for a cave system) it gets more hectic (SS croc caves are quite complex).

Joscelin V. 12-25-2011 12:52 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Works awesome! I was able to get the transition just right. Only thing that isn't quite right is there is a slight lag when you move your character upstairs through the transition. After doing so there's no issue at all.

Here's a preview of my submission:

Merry Christmas everyone!

Therendil 12-28-2011 01:41 PM

Note about prestige housing: All of the 'Magical Manors' use the same layout as the largest house in the same zone. For example, the Concordium Mage Tower home uses the 2 Bayle Court map. Maps for the Manors could therefore be cloned from existing maps.

Another project for housing maps.... update the existing maps to show the room that was added some months back.

Ebarel 12-31-2011 02:31 AM

maybe not the right place to post but ravenscale (LP2) map is gone, maybe you can bring it back?

cooldeath 01-25-2012 12:26 AM

Yeah i've been out of mapping for a few months because I didn't have a job and income > eq mapping. So now i'm employed and so busy I don't have alot of time to mess around with mapping lol, I can't win. I do hope that I'll make some free time this weekend to finnaly finish craigs estate and the Loping plains maps that i've got mapped out and finnaly get them out of the list.

Therendil 01-26-2012 02:43 PM

Sigh. It's true. You have time but no money, or money but no time. :-)

Belexes 01-29-2012 08:59 PM

the shroomba caves
the shroomba cave in echo echo canyon. Greater Faydark

Erelas 03-09-2012 09:44 PM

Hammerfall Barrel Chambers
Hammerfall Barrel Chambers, 2012 Brewday mini-zone, already submitted POI 56156, sorry someone might want to fix that, it apparently shows up in Kaladim, I goofed.

Uggers 03-11-2012 09:33 AM

I'm making a map for Brell's Bar (the Brewday instance accessed from Commonlands, Antonica, etc.) at the moment - I'm hoping to get a basic lines-only version done very soon, perhaps so it can be put in game for people to use; then I'll tart it up with textures later.
I'm not sure if that approach would be acceptable to the EQ2Map team, of course.

I've done the /locs and cleaned up the lines; now I just need to work out how to create a multi-layered map and sort out the zonerect etc.
I'll post a new thread in this forum once I've done that.

cooldeath 03-13-2012 05:51 PM

Awsome bar of brell map, thanks!
I was able to do more work on the maps i've been finishing up, and now my stubborn side kicks in and wants to texture them all. So I may submit an untextured version just so it's finally done then submit textures later. My Photoshop is on the fritz right now, so I'm not sure i'd even be able to submit anything at the moment even if i did finish it.

Uggers 03-19-2012 07:29 AM

In the Medium priority section above there's a mention of the cave systems in Antonica, so I thought I'd investigate; I had a look in the gnoll caves in the middle of the zone and saw no map came up, so I thought I'd make one. I did the locs, tidied them up, and only then did I look in core_mapstyles.xml for similar zones so I could test the map out before texturing it.
At this point I discovered a map called 'map_antonica_2_gnoll_cave.dds' which seems to be exactly the required map, created by SaintPeter.
The entry for it is as follows:

<ImageStyle Name="antonica_2" displayname="Antonica Gnoll Cave" menugroup="Karan" zonerect="726, -231, 1031, 123" availablerect="750, -210, 1007, 70">
<ImageFrame Source="images/maps/map_antonica_2_gnoll_cave.dds" SourceRect="0,0,436,506" />

It obviously isn't showing up, though - at least, not for me.
Any idea what happened to this map and why it isn't showing?

jnils 03-19-2012 07:43 AM

It might be from the time antonica was devided in west and east map, but the map should work anyway, i need to test it.

You create a lot of work for me :P

To bad you made a lot of work for nothing :(

jnils 03-19-2012 07:50 AM

I have made a change to the database, update your map files and try again.
Have not tested my self.

Uggers 03-19-2012 03:34 PM

Sorry about creating all the work - I don't mean to be a pain, it just comes naturally :)

I'm not bothered about the work I put in with the locs; it didn't take me too long, and I enjoyed doing it anyway! My aim was to have a map for people to use in the game, and in doing mine I found that an existing one wasn't working, so if we can work out how to fix it the end result should be the same!

I updated my map files again today after seeing your post, and saw that the map styles was the only thing updated. However, when I went to Antonica I still didn't see the gnoll cave map when I was in the gnoll caves. I wandered all the way through them in case the availablerect was off by a little, but saw nothing.

Maybe if I have time I'll look into it a bit more, and try to work out what the availablerect should be, in case that's the problem.

jnils 03-19-2012 03:40 PM

Tested it my self and found the problem, had to change the name to antonica_0

Uggers 03-19-2012 03:49 PM

Ah - I've just updated again, and found that it's all working nicely!

Thanks for sorting it out!

mageice3 02-25-2014 10:13 AM

I don't know the priority levels on these but the Commonlands Tier 4 guild Hall doesn't have a map for the most part the Tier 3 map is the same cept the door in back and the new floor, anyways even a plain parchment map would be helpful as its easy to get lost in there. Also last I checked the Antonica T4 was missing as well.
Voraga AB Server

Ryn 11-17-2016 01:37 PM

Qeynos tier 4 gh
I know that with the new expansion mapping is going to be focused there, but I wanted to bump the post that the tier 4 guildhalls still do not have maps. Unfortunately it Is really easy to get lost though the layout is similar to the Tier 3s



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