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Erronn 08-03-2005 12:07 PM

Personal window with spell effects?
Hi all,
I'm truly impressed with the mods many folks can make! I have one request, which I hope can now happen with the new "dynamic group content" I've heard about.

As a healer, we spend alot of our time not only healing but curing...it's wonderful that in EQ2, maladies on group members show up as a little icon under their name/bars. But this info does not show up under our own name/bar!! How do I know if I need to cure myself? Is there any way now to add this info to a personal window, so I can see easily when I'm inflicted (other than trying to figure out from my separate spell effects window what I have)?

Any help would be appreciated!


Eloora 08-03-2005 12:18 PM

Check out this link :) It's what I currently use as someone who plays two different healers.

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