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Offical Forums 09-16-2022 04:40 PM

[Live] Update Notes - September 16, 2022
These updates were applied to the Varsoon TLE server without any required downtime. Enjoy!

  • The Fountain of Life [Raid]
  • The following bosses have had a reduction in maximum health:
    • Eshara
    • Eshara the Risen
    • Lladan Promanari
    • Lladan Promanari the Revived
    • Davara Dvonn
    • Davara Dvonn the Resurrected
    • Dimion D'Morte
    • Dimion D'Morte the Immortal
    • Himatha Sharatha
    • Himatha Sharatha the Silent
  • The Gates of Ahket Aken [Raid]
    • Uzh Disciples have had their “Burning Soul” ability reduced in damage for the Ahk'Mun Rhoen boss encounter.
  • The Poets Palace: Return [Raid]
    • Non-boss encounters within the zone have had a slight reduction in health.
  • The Court of Al'Afaz [Raid]
    • The Black Queen’s “Fire Witch” ally should now attack on spawn and reset properly if allowed to despawn.
    • Triggering the Black Queen encounter and then leaving the zone without defeating her will no longer make the her unable to be triggered upon returning to the saved instance.
  • Maj’Dul
    • Barakah and Siyamak should now be able to be triggered again if the encounter resets within 24 hours of the first time triggered.
    • Barakah and Siyamak should now auto engage the player who triggered them.
    • Lowered the outgoing damage of the Siyamak’s “Light of the Moon” encounter area effect spell.
    • Lowered the outgoing damage of Barakah’s “Flames of the Sun” encounter area effect spell.


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