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Offical Forums 02-20-2019 06:20 PM

[Live] Update Notes: Thursday February 21, 2019
Chaos Descending Zone Portals
  • Raids should now be listed at the bottom of the list when a portal has more than one option on it.
Ragrax, the Sepulcher of the Twelve [Raid]
  • Smooth pledge stones have had their charges increased from 3 to 10 per stone.
Awuidor: Reef of Coirnav [Raid]
  • Coirnav should once again scale his damage upwards if the raid attempting him is severely under the minimum number of players.

  • Coirnav and raid bosses within Awuidor: The Adumbral Depths [Contested Raid] should now count toward all three raid weekly missions based on their tier.
  • A Strange Gem - Respawn point for "a small hideout" is now just outside the entrance, in Antonica.


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