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[Live] Update Notes: Friday January 3, 2020
  • Reduced pet auto attack damage
  • Surge of Power spellscrolls are now correctly named Aura of Power
  • You may now purchase the Journeyman version of your level 120 class spell from Maesy Colmiter once you have completed the Blood Pressures achievement.
  • Bruiser
    • Void Strike will now properly increase the damage of Lightning Fists IX
  • Crusader
    • Corrected a bug that caused the damage on Crusader's Judgement to be suppressed if the Crusader had the Death and Destruction prestige ability.
  • Conjuror
    • Increased the damage of level 111+ pets by 50%
  • Necromancer
    • Increased the damage of level 111+ pets by 38%
  • Ranger
    • Heartseeker Hawk will now summon up to level 120
  • Shadowknight
    • Corrected a bug that caused Tap Veins heal effect to not apply.
    • Death's Devotion will now summon up to level 120
  • Corrected a bug on Umbra, Shadow Screecher that caused its applied stats to be lower then intended.
  • Corrected several alchemist potions that did not have a level 120 effect.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Kunark Ascending: Flawless Execution, Toadal Destruction: Flawless Execution, Decimate Hate: Flawless Execution to cancel upon zoning.
  • Blood of Luclin
    • Prismatic Aura in Blood of Luclin [Solo] instances should no longer trigger against pets.
  • Blood of Luclin Raids
    • Corrected an issue that would cause the buffs to drop from bosses in raid zones that have been saved and reentered. Achievements for all defeated raid bosses have been reset.
  • The Blinding: Twisted Vista [Raid]
    • The Shik'Nar Imperiatrix should no longer reset when her drones spawn
    • Praetorian K'Tikrn should no longer play his triggered sounds quite as loudly.
  • Aurelian Coast's Runestone Isle [Public Quest]
    • Zethon Pri'Sma's emotes are now correctly messaged.
  • Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Heroic]
    • Tog Voil will no longer cast Lunar Barrage while teleporting from floor to floor.
    • Famyra the Biblioghost's Matter Over Mind spell drains less power.
  • Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Divinity [Solo & Heroic]
    • The Luminary Athenaeum key will always drop from Grand Cruciator Typhenon.
    • Fixed an issue causing the exterior of the entry room from not rendering properly.
  • Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Divinity [Solo]
    • Luminary Interceders will no longer use abilities that modify your current target.
  • Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Order [Heroic]
    • Cerio Vallain's Aria of Ice and Aria of Fire inflict less damage.
  • The Ruins of Ssraeshza [Heroic]
    • Kor Va Xian will no longer attempt to give a mercenary a Luclinite Bomb.
  • The Ruins of Ssraeshza [Solo]
    • Vesshtri the Swordfang's adds will now despawn when it's defeated.
    • Kor Va Xian's Shadow Burst spell drains less power.
  • The Venom of Ssraeshza [Event Heroic]
    • Rhag'Sekez's Sanguineous Strike inflicts less damage.
  • The Blinding
    • Travel to Grieg's Spire and Seru's Ascent via the tamed Shik'Nar drone in Recuso Tor should be more reliable.
  • Wracklands
    • Moved a floating blue shiny closer to the moon.
  • Agnostic Dungeon Portal
    • You should now be able to enter if you are above level 110.
  • Public Tradeskill Researchers
    • Researcher Daini the Wright, Xavi Heliul, and Curator Ferris should no longer be inconsistent on how much progress is given on turn ins.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented players from turning in looted research artifacts to the researchers for bonus progress.
  • Updated the overseer rewards on Time-Locked servers so that they will no longer display live server items as possible rewards.
  • Destroy the Corruption Rotweed now updates the quest upon defeating its encounter in Oakmyst Forest.


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