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Brailyn 01-14-2022 12:13 AM

.NET Framework Error

I was trying to fix my Accounts/Shutdown(Camp) list correct, and I think I messed up something. I now have an error doing anything in the Unified getting a Microsoft .NET Framework error.

What did I do? How do I fix it? Thanks.

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Darqwood 01-15-2022 12:37 PM

Delete \UI\DarqUI_v3\accounts.xml and \UI\DarqUI_v3\POI\darquiv3_shutdown.xml. Open the utility and click Rebuild on the Shutdown (Camp) setup page for any character. If you are not seeing the correct list of characters in the Quick Setup grid, log in to Character Select once for each of your accounts, then reopen the utility. Please post again if you are still getting errors.

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