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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday March 24, 2020
Butcherblock Mountains
  • Olaf Grogson can once again sell the Irontoe Brigadier Ceremonial armor to those with enough faction.
The Blinding's Prismatic Depths [Public Quest]
  • It is now much easier to target the black holes to teleport within the depths.
Blood of Luclin Raids
  • Normal mode raids will now unlock for all level 120 players once Vyzh'dra the Unleashed has been defeated by any raid force on the server. The requirement for at least 1 player to have completed the "Shattered Dawn" signature quest series is still required and the "Ley of the Land" quest series is still required to unlock challenge mode zones.
Blinding: Twisted Vista [Challenge Raid]
  • The rockhopper hatchlings that spawn during the Enraged Rockhopper Pouncer encounter should no longer display two buff packages when examined.
Aurelian Coast: The Emergent Eclipse [Raid]
  • Corrected an issue which was causing the Stonegrabber Colossus to remove his prismatic shields from the area after 5+ minutes into the encounter.
Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens [Raid]
  • Roris Lacea should no longer give the error message "[BUG:AdHocValue]requires custom failure string"
  • Scrawl should no longer disappear during his "glassing" frontal phase
Avatars [TLE]
  • The Avatar of Flame, Avatar of Mischief and Avatar of Growth have had their damage rebalanced. Outgoing auto attack has been reduced while other abilities have been increased.
  • Spawned reinforcements in the Avatar encounters have had their health increased.
  • The Avatar of Growth will now use her "Eye of the Lurker" ability when encountered.
  • Heritage Merchant Arabella now sells a quest starter for the Overseer quest Heritage Hunt [Weekly]
  • Harvestables will once again state a 10 level range based on the harvest items level.
  • Corrected an issue that returned reef clusters, silvered flecks, Golden Flecks, or Azure Sapphires when selecting Plane of Magic from the pack pony. It should now return golden embers, etherium clusters, darkstone, or rubicite ore.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented Sarvgull the Insane from contributing to the Mercenary Battalion buff.
  • Unswerving Hammer will no longer persist through zoning.
  • Empyral Physical Infuser is now named Empyral Deity Infuser
  • a netherbian eye - Collectible item is now spelled correctly.
  • Mercenary Token Item for Melban Pindleclasp is now spelled correctly.
  • Ley of the Land: Remembrance of the Lost Haven - Quest title typo has been corrected.


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