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Darqwood 06-18-2021 05:59 PM

ProfitUI CE: Raid Curse Alerts
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A request was made over at the Darq Side to add an option to the ProfitUI CE Raid window for players to hear a sound when any raider is cursed, and to add a line of text into chat whenever their own character is cursed. There are raid encounters that will benefit from all raiders having these indicators, so you now have this as an option while using ProfitUI CE.

The file is on the ProfitUI CE server as an alternate to the standard Raid window. If you try it out and decide you don't want to use it, you can always go back and download the standard ProfitUI CE version.

All the details are in a post at the Darq Side, including how to activate and deactivate the feature on the fly, and how you can further customize the sound and chat channel.


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