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Name: Performance Center   Popular!
Date: 12-21-2016 08:46 PM
Size: 43.64 MB
Version: 1.36 Beta
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 1 votes  
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Size: 1.20 MB
Dimensions: 1020 x 1028
COLLAGE: Modded Social Window and minimized Performance Cent. + Small Perf. Cent's showing each Tab
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Size: 1.19 MB
Dimensions: 1920 x 1389
COLLAGE: Performance Center Program with Controls Displayed
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Size: 909.64 Kb
Dimensions: 1821 x 1011
The whole Performance Center Program
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Size: 1.04 MB
Dimensions: 1920 x 1062
A performance in action with output and Performance Window

April 3rd, 2016

This release fixes two issues, one which would make an added song uneditable and the other which cause lines with unclosed double quotations to not be displayed (either in part or the whole line depending on where the quoation appeared in the line). PLEASE READ THE PATCH NOTES ON THIS, AS SONGS MAY NEED TO BE EDITED TO PREVENT THE LAST ISSUE.

1.35 Beta

A complete list of changes can be found here: http://www.eq2interface.com/portal.php?&id=40&pageid=55



Performance Center is a gift to the RP community. This mod makes performances such as songs, dances, and plays easier to perform in game. The user essentially creates a songbook consisting of one to many songs/performances. Each Song consists of any number of stanzas (macros). Once you publish the songbook from the program, you will have in game access to all these songs in a single tabbed UI window.

The current status of this mod is Beta. Additional/Modified usability changes to the program will be made at some point (feedback Welcome!) and I intend to skin the application at some point. This however is a fully working program and will not cause crashes other than what is normal for your windows stability and EQ2 stability.


(1a) Actions in the macros are performed in order.. for example, emotes do not always display first and you can mix and match say and emotes in any order (the exception to this is Group Chat and any line containing %T).
(1b) Unlike copy-pasting, you can perform multiple types of actions.
(2) You can have up to 200 songs, each song consisting of up to 200 stanzas, and each stanza can have up to 16 commands. This allows you to have repertoire far larger than the EQ2 Macro system will allow.
(3) Any / command is usable. I would however not use this for non-RP purposes as it can produce lag.
(4) The UI mod allows you to track where you are in the performance by turning the text red for that stanza. You can change it back by un-clicking the check box next to each stanza.
(5) Song Books are editable out of game and can can be exchanged among users of the application. You can even save individual songs and send them to others if you are working on a duet or larger piece.


(1) of the % shortcuts, only %t - target is available.
(2) It takes longer to set up a song (I often use the cut and paste method to perfect a song, pasting commands into eq2 from notepad to review, and once satisfied pasting them into a song in the editor).
(3) This can produce some lag. I normally do not see it, but I have had it happen.


(1) Download the file and unzip.
(2) Run the .exe installer as admin. Feel free to virus check and/or block the program from the internet with your firewall (it doesn't actually communicate via the internet but this is always a safe option).
(3) Run the installed program and create a song book.
(4) To install two options:
(A) For using it as standalone mod:
(i) With the song book you want published open, click the interface -> Install UI to Default Custom Directory. That's it.
B) For using it with an existing mod:
(i) With the song book you want published open, click the interface -> Install UI to a Current Custom UI. That's it.


(1) This mod consists of two basic pieces: a program to create song books, and the actual UI you can publish from the program.
(2) The program is written in Java and is covered under GPLV3 licence.
(3) Songs and SongBooks are saved as simple XML files.
(4) I started this project 1.5 years ago to provide a gift to the RP community on EQ2, to learn JavaFX, and to better learn Java and XML. Mission accomplished. I hope.
(5) The mod modifies the following UI files: eq2ui_fonts.xml, eq2ui_mainhud.xml, and eq2ui_mainhud_socials.xml.
(6) The mod creates the following UI files: eq2ui_mainhud_performances.xml, notes.xml, performances.xml, socials.xml, eq2ui_socials_box.xml, eq2ui_perfomances_box.xml, and eq2ui_notes_box.xml.
(7) The program actually creates a number of *.DOS files in the EQ2 installation folder. These contain most of the commands used by the stanzas.
(8) Thanks to Darryl C. Burgdorf (Milquetowst) who's Info Center UI Mod was an inspiration and upon which much of this UI mod was originally based, Darq who actually answered questions I posed to the community and who's Darq UI mod was also an inspiration and help, any number of RP performers I have admired starting in 2004, Inqe and Sibelle for Beta Testing, and finally Rhyianna on AB for encouragement, alpha testing, and continued testing!
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