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Category: Patches & AddonsLaffs alt Perdition addon's
This file is a Addon for Tyejae Steel bottom by Perdition - V8 (1280*1024) and (1600*1200) now with user customization by perdition. You must have that installed before this Addon will work.
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Name: Laffs alt Perdition addon's   Popular!
Date: 03-28-2005 10:49 AM
Size: 36.99 Kb
Version: 1.3
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Views: 8485
Size: 246.30 Kb
Dimensions: 1280 x 1024
View to show position of my 2 new windows
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Views: 7192
Size: 141.56 Kb
Dimensions: 800 x 800
The bits I have added etc
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Views: 5558
Size: 11.57 Kb
Dimensions: 165 x 224
Tracking window
The updated version of the UI with these addons included can be found here

Ver 1.3


Before installing these "addons" make sure in game that your letterbox slider is set all the way to the left and the frame box is unticked, In the display options.... Click on "accept" camp to desktop... then install the addons..

Hopefully this will eliminate all the problems with my 2 windows not showing.

Small changes to the experiance window to make it easier to drag coins from it.... Still have not figured a way for you to drop coins in there as yet I think it is probably down to it being located in the WC_Frame page...... This issue is pending more testing

Have included the new Mook bag mod, Rather than add all the new code to my bag mod and the stay put code, I have just changed the font and the color, As on a whole they both looked the same anyway.

Credit to Deathbane27
(what did give a good laugh was this "Bootstrutter`s Mom`s Giant Handbag of Doom" hehe, anyone who has looked at the code for this bag will see what I am talking about )

Ver 1.2

Made a smaller tracking window, That will re-size in width and hight still
screenshot shows it at its smallest size.

Ver 1.1

Notepad did its usual trick and messed up a bit code I didnt notice. Stopping the casting and performance panel from showing up on load.

Ver 1

You need BottomV8 UI for all these to work!, And is intended to be used as a complete set, if you try and just use individual files from this addon pack you will most likely run into problems as a lot of these files reference each other.

To install

Just unzip the pack and drop the folder into your UI folder and let it replace all the files in there. (that is working on the assumption that you have not changed the name of the main UI's folder EG: It should still be called "BottomV8")

You will see 2 new windows when you log in "Casting" and "Performance panel" these can be placed where you want them.

Casting window

The casting window will probably show up text in it like "[DEVAL] etc" that will go once you cast your first spell / combat art and that text will not be shown again.
The casting window is to replace your "breath" and "casting" pop-up windows as my new window has both combined in it, To make the old ones disappear whilst casting click on the old window and set all the sliders to the far left and click accept, same for the breath window.... (If anyone has problems with this if requested I can include 2 files that will do this for you)

The performance panel

This comes with 3 custom presets included 1 is normal playing settings, 2 is high performance and 3 is high quality (intended for screenshots only)
2 and 3 can be left as they are if you wish,

But I highly recommend that you use the "Preset Parser" to make your own profile 1, To do this run the parser and select "button 1" and "Laffs Style" in the check boxes, This will process your current settings and link them to the first button on the small panel in game.


This window has a "Socials" button on it now it will pop up the socials window you click on one of the "socials" and the pop-up window will disappear until you click on the button again.

Bank, Bags, Loot

All have single frame along with a few other slight changes (You donít need to use my versions of these if you donít want to)


This is from the Nedra UI with frame and marble background added
(I pondered over this window for a long time and decided that there was nothing I could do to improve on it, as in my view it is already the perfect set up, Again you donít need to use this if not wanted)


Changed some stats on this window and it now has "ammo,ranged,pri 1,pri 2,inv slot 1,inv slot2" on it instead


This supports 30 maintained spells now, to view them all drag the "top" part of the small window up, and of course you can move it back down again when not needed.
(this has been tested to destruction!, it wont move out of the player window and it wont get stuck half way and it wont size left or right, Only up and down as it is intended to do <insert disclaimer here>)

Target and Implied target

Target fixed a few small bugs, Implied target will show the full name now there was problems when you had something like "Corpse of a Rottstuffed Scarecrow" targeted (in detailed view)

Quest Active

Stats added / changed

Experience window

Made the percentages a bit bigger, And added in the small paperdoll in a blank space (again no need to use this if not needed)

I think I have covered everything now lol


for making this version of the Tyejae UI
for letting me "butcher" his socials window lol, And also all the patience and help given with the more complicated aspects of the code in said window and some others.
for coming up with the performance idea and making it work.
for use of the inventory window, and the inspiration gained from using the Nedra UI in general

Oh and also my long suffering wife,
for putting up with me staying up late and saying every 10 mins "why wont this ^=&$!~# thing work"

Hope you all enjoy my humble "addons"
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Last Modified: 04-25-2005 02:00 PM by Laffs    

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