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Category: Patches & Addons(Click to Cast Enabled) Coldy's Priest Groupwindow w/Effect Buttons
This file is a Patch for Coldy's Priest Groupwindow w/Effect Buttons by CColdiron. You must have that installed before this Patch will work.
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Name: (Click to Cast Enabled) Coldy's Priest Groupwindow...   Popular!
Date: 02-03-2006 04:21 PM
Size: 15.61 Kb
Version: 1.2 w/Click to
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I modded CColdiron's great group window to include my Click to Cast interface. Click to Cast was inspired by his window afterall.

This mod allows the user to specifiy any spell that they want to cast when they click on one of the 4 effects (Trauma, Noxious, Arcane, Elemental). The Click to Cast interface will compare your Class and Level to a pre defined list of spells. It will then cast the spell that is under your Class and Level. Customizing this list is very easy and easy to share/patch!

First, open the folder Cure_Group

In this folder you will find a list of all the classes. Right click and edit your class. This will open a note pad window with some code. There are 4 sections of code that look like this.

<Data Name="Noxious"
The Data Name="Noxious" is the type of spell. So this is the list for Cure Noxious.
The 1="number.id" is the list of levels, and what spell to cast. You want to replace number.id with the useability command and the full name of your spell. So if your spell was called Cure Noxious, you would replace number.id with
useability Cure Noxious

You will repeat this for each level. So at level 8 you get a bigger spell that is called Cure Noxious Alot. At level 8 put
useability Cure Noxious Alot
. The final code would look like this. (levels 1-7 cast Cure Noxious, levels 8+ cast Cure Noxious Alot)

<Data Name="Noxious"
1="useability Cure Noxious"
2="useability Cure Noxious"
3="useability Cure Noxious"
4="useability Cure Noxious"
5="useability Cure Noxious"
6="useability Cure Noxious"
7="useability Cure Noxious"
8="useability Cure Noxious Alot"
9="useability Cure Noxious Alot"
10="useability Cure Noxious Alot"
You can do this for each class that you have, so an Inquisitor and Necromancer who both have a cure arcane spell will cast the right spell!

To test this before you edit the file (just to make sure you got the right spell name) you can make a macro in game. Press " O " to open the macro window. On one of the three lines type
/useability Name Of Spell
If you cast the spell you wanted to cast, then put that in your spell list!

As a side note, there will be a Click to Cast forum where you can talk about this feature. It would be GREAT!!! of you if you could update the class files as you go so everyone can benifit!

Please note, I am an Inquisitor level 42, so I put all my spells in the inquisitor area already.
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