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By: Darqwood - 06-15-2012 06:35 AM
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DarqUI Unified Update Notes

Jan 12: Added new Ability Doublecast stat to Character window, Experience Bar custom stats area and Window Manager

Dec 24: Increased harvesting helper speed range for upgraded harvesting goblin buff (thanks Aniko)

Dec 19: Health/Max Health and Power/Max Power displays are updated to be compatible with Default UI changes. Includes Character Window stats sidebar and combat stats tab, Experience, Player and Extended Player windows and their large size counterparts


Nov 15: Kunark Ascending

Updates for the Kunark Ascending expansion can be downloaded with the DarqUI Unified Utility. Changes include:

  • Experience Bar Added Ascension XP Bar with additional configurable left-side and right-side stat pages.
  • Hotbars DarqUI cooldown timers can be configured for center or lower-left placement on the icons. A new blue gem control on the right-side grab bar, when visible, opens the window manager to the hotbar configuration page.
  • Character Window Added new Wardrobe page and Ascension stat. Added new Mercenary features. Removed Beta warnings. Fixed a tabbing bug (thanks lazary69).
  • Enemies List (new) Choose double-line (default) or compact single-line enemy display by clicking the +/- button on the titlebar.
  • Threat Window Toggle the new Enemies List window by clicking on the crossed-swords area.
  • Set Prices (Broker) Added commission factors for new reduced-commission containers (thanks Accredo).
  • DarqUI Window Manager includes configuration page updates for the above components.


Oct 22: Kunark Ascending Beta

To use DarqUI on the Beta server, place a copy of the DarqUI Unified Utility into your \BetaServer\UI\ folder and run the installation from there. The utility will create a separate installation that will not interfere with your live server UI. If you want to copy your DarqUI customizations over to the Beta server, try the newest version of the utility which has some new tools for Beta participants.

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.5

To ease the transition to Beta for copied characters, version of the utility features a new Beta Tools page. If you are running the utility from the BetaServer\UI\ folder, the Beta Tools tab will be visible on the sidebar. You can use this page to port the following items to Beta:
  • DarqUI customizations
  • Character UI settings files (hotbar and window locations, bag sizes, chat tabs)
  • Custom keyboard layouts
  • Custom option files (preferences and video settings)

Included with this download, DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.1.0.1 optionally offers a helpful tip about DarqUI each time the notifier checks for updates. For help with installing or upgrading DarqUI_Notify, click here.

Oct 19

Use +/- toggle on the frame to switch between one-line and two-line enemy list display

Oct 18

Changed current target slot on Threat List to match default updates

Oct 14

You can toggle the new Threat List window by clicking on the crossed swords area of the main Threat window

Added current target to new Threat List window

The Pet call and shrink buttons should no longer get confused about whether you have a construct, a warder or a servant. Thanks to Accredo for help with testing.

Oct 12

The Maintained Spell Monitor has been updated to show comma separators for "Amount" values (upper right-hand corner of the icon). The window will show values up to 99,999,999. Please report any problems you may have with the display. This is for live and beta servers. Thanks to jeffjl for help with testing.

The Default UI on the Beta server includes a new "threat list" window which has some experimental modifications on the DarqUI update server. The files can be downloaded on live servers but will only be operational on the Beta server at this time. Use the command /togglethreatlistwindow to show the window.

Oct 10

An update to the DarqUI Character (Persona) window is available with features that are specific to the Beta server. If you are not beta testing, you can safely avoid replacing the Character window until the Kunark Ascending expansion goes live.

Other files updated for Beta:
Experience bar (Ascension)
Window Manager


September 27: DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.4

Added configuration pages for Start Menu and Clock/Countdown Timer
Fixed a bug with reordering camp-to-character lists with fewer than 16 characters
The utility help window will remember its open/closed state between sessions
DarqUI files and folders can be viewed or deleted directly from the Updates page
Eq2_poi and eq2_poi_links are now copied only when custom copy does not match the default
Added a tool to generate configuration files for uncustomized components to eliminate extraneous ui.log messages
Housing inventory icon tooltips are no longer cleared when you clear search terms
Added an instructional tooltip to inventory item in-game link on right-click context menu
Updates list is cleared if you change your UI path after checking for updates
Rerouted a deprecated soe.com census call


August 23, 2016: Changes for GU101 are on the updater.


August 5, 2016: Some files have been updated to make DarqUI current with recent changes on the Test server. None of the updates will adversely affect gameplay on live servers.


July 17, 2016: Broker preset filters

You can now search the Broker for items by category using preset filters. Item filter lists were lifted from ProfitUI Market Favorites (most recently Zidu's work). Click "Presets" on the DarqUI Broker window to use the filters. Thanks to Accredo for help with ideas and testing.


July 6, 2016: Added Isle of Refuge and Race To Trakanon servers to window manager.


June 12, 2016: Harvesting helper

The DarqUI harvesting helper window eliminates repetitive mouse clicks and keystrokes during long harvesting sessions. Start the helper window and simply approach a harvestable tradeskill node. The helper will target (target_nearest_npc) and harvest from the resource. As you move from node to node the helper will continuously attempt to harvest, making it unnecessary to click harvesting ability macros or repeatedly double-click the node.

Open the window from the Harvesting page of the XP bar, or type:

show_window Custom.Harvesting


June 4, 2016


May 24, 2016

* Added a spell icon for Shrink Mercenary to the Mercenary window. You can purchase the spell from your class trainer.

* Reworked several URL buttons and added EQ2U links in some places. These include:
- Target and Implied Target
- Quest Journal and Quest Helper
- Examine Item, Spell, Recipe
- XP Bar (Left side Tradeskill page now links to EQ2TC)

EQ2i link buttons were changed from EQ2i to Wikia to avoid confusing them with the EQ2U label.


May 10, 2016

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.3 is a maintenance release that fixes minor issues with the utility and adds some conveniences. If none of the items below are of interest, you can continue to use the previous utility version.

* Closing the utility while minimized no longer results in the window being permanently hidden
* Minimum icon size for spell effects and detrimental effects changed to 15 to match window manager
* Fixed a bug in "Include guild xp bar in rotation" checkbox on XP bar page
* Added lock/unlock of character profiles to right-click context menu in Quick Setup grid
* Added a control to delete unwanted character inventories from the Inventory page
* Pasting an item link into chat from the Inventory page adds spaces before and after the link
* Included DarqUI_Notify v1.1 tray app with the download (was left out of the previous download)
* Fixed a bug where calling the server list from census could fail under certain conditions


April 28, 2016: The Siege of Zek

The following DarqUI updates are available:

* Added Experience Vial system
* Added Resolve stat
* Updated color themes and skins with new graphics


April 19, 2016: EU server updates

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.1 contains updates for the EU server consolidation. To show Storms, Valor and Splitpaw characters correctly on Thurgadin in Quick Setup, manually delete the logincache-eu subfolder from your game folder after the server consolidation is complete. Then log in to the Character Select screen once to repopulate logincache before starting the new utility.

If you still see old characters in Quick Setup, you can delete all logincache folders: logincache, logincache-us, and logincache-eu. Then use LaunchPad to log in to Character Select from US-English (if applicable) and EU-English servers separately.

Utility v3.1.0.1 changes:

* Chat log category search language is now selected manually, defaults to English
* Old FR and DE chat logs can still be searched by category in native language
* EU spell suggestion files converted for use on consolidated EU server
* New character inventories use English, old EU inventories can still be viewed in native language
* Server IDs are now pulled from census instead of a static internal list
* Housing layout icons now show a datestamp on the tooltip
* Recently updated tithe alert controls added to XP bar setup page

To update server names in the Shutdown (Camp) character list, click "Import as listed in Quick Setup" on the Shutdown page from any character.

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