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By: Darqwood - 06-15-2012 06:35 AM
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DarqUI Unified Update Notes

DarqUI Unified Notifications

The optional taskbar notifier app has been updated. Version will be included with the upcoming version of the utility. If you need help with setting up or upgrading, use these instructions.


Planes of Prophecy Beta

To use DarqUI on the Beta server, copy the DarqUI Unified Utility into your \BetaServer\UI\ folder and run the installation from there. This copy of the utility will create a separate UI installation that will not interfere with your Live server UI

If you are copying your Live characters to Beta, you can also use the Beta Tools page to copy your customizations over to the Beta server

All DarqUI customizations
Character UI settings files (hotbar and window locations, bag sizes, chat tabs)
Custom keyboard layouts
Custom option files (preferences and video settings)


September 26, 2017: DarqUI v3.1.1.2

Gear Buff Macros
Configure special macro buttons in a new window that will automatically equip an activatable "clicky" item, cast the buff, then re-equip the previous item. See image below. Inspired by this conversation on the EQ2Wire forums

A variety of item types beyond gear pieces are good candidates for a buff macro including totems (runspeed, invisibility, etc.), mender bot, teleport items, food and drink, tinkered lifestones and manastones, repair kits, divining rods. If you use a specific mount when tradeskilling, you can set up a macro to switch to it from inventory
Use macro tiles to cast item buffs and spells in three ways:
+ directly from inventory
+ equip and cast
+ equip, cast and re-equip
Monitor Maintained buffs to remind you to recast
Send a custom line of text into your chat log to assist with ACT refresh timers
Dynamically resize macro tiles
Toggle the window from Start menu or Command Bar
Optionally display the macro window on login

Setup is relatively painless using the DarqUI utility, and you will probably want to use it even though the in-game Window Manager has a setup page. There is plenty of help if you click the [?] on the Gear Buff Macros utility page. Also check out the Gear Buff Macros tutorial

Thanks to Sneaks and halldor for testing and feedback
Thanks to DuneWarrior for improvement ideas
Group and Raid Windows
Added a setting to allow casting cures without a detriment icon present. Useful for "pre-curing" on certain encounters. See image below. Thanks to Zorbac for the idea
DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.1.2
Added Gear Buff Macros setup page and help files
Messages for census connection errors are more explicit
Quick Setup: added Un/Lock and Un/Lock All to all context menus
Fullscreen windowed mode messages are more clear
Group: added Health and Power controls
Group: added Hide When Solo control
Group: added forced cures control
Icon Bar: Summon Familiar and Summon Mount lookups return the correct command
MaintMon: increased Amount values to 99,999,999
MaintMon: added control to show long Amount values

Sep 10: DarqUI and DarqUI Utility v3.1.1.0 have these new and updated features:

A new large size version of the Examine Window is available on the updater. See image below. The large Examine window affects items, spells, spell scrolls, recipes, alternate advancements and spell effects
Start Menu
The three custom buttons near the bottom of the Start Menu can now be configured with your choice of game commands or DarqUI window commands

Sep 3: Changed SOEmote to Voice Chat, added shortcut choices to Reset DarqUI windows and raise the Group Options (loot options) window

Sep 10: Added shortcut choice to toggle the Enemy List. See image below. Thanks to Outlaw for the idea
Experience Window
The Experience Window has been improved See what's new
Thanks to Basmol and Accredo for their testing and feedback

Sep 3: Added Command Bar shortcut choices to Reset DarqUI windows and raise the Group Options (loot options) window, changed SOEmote to Voice Chat. See image below.

Sep 10: Added Command Bar shortcut choice to toggle the Enemy List. See image below. Thanks to Outlaw for the idea
Group Window
Added Health and Power Monitor to the Group window. Thanks to tetryl for the suggestion
Group member portraits were removed in anticipation of an upcoming game feature change
Added a control to Hide window when solo. Thanks to Aniko for the suggestion and testing
Maintained Spell Monitor
Some internal logic points were reworked to improve efficiency
Added new tile modes to the utility
Removed the extra "Target" label (thanks Aniko for the suggestion)
Spells with punctuation can now be recast and sidecast without errors
The target line will now read "a Mercenary" instead of "Out of range"
The recast/sidecast button is more clear about attempting to cast on Mercenaries

Icon Amount displays (wards, charges, etc.) are now abbreviated for values over one million
Unabbreviated Amount values can optionally be displayed on spell tiles. See image below
Thanks DuneWarrior for testing and feedback

Aug 21: Amount values and followup spell buttons can coexist on tiles

Sep 2: Corrected a display issue with the follow-up button
Window Manager
Added Fallen Gate to the server list
Character Window
Updated for new Familiars feature
Added controls to list and clear your hidden spells (Spell Filtering Options)
Pet Stats sidebar tab no longer appears for charmed or possessed pets (thanks to stach for the heads-up)
Your Familiar collection can now be viewed from the EQ2Inventory page
My Adventure and My Tradeskill updated to work with changes to default class filters
Icon Bar
Buff tinting Custom icons that cast Maintained buffs will now gray out in the Icon Bar when the buff is active on your character. Turn on the option from the Window Manager or the utility. Thanks to DuneWarrior for the suggestion

Note: To use buff tinting for Ascension spells that were set up before this feature was added, remove (Ascension) from the name/tooltip

The utility no longer offers two copies of Ascension and AA spells when doing a Census lookup

You can now use TNAME (the DarqUI version of %T) and ITNAME mnemonics when referencing targets and implied targets with the Icon Bar. Utility v3.1.0.9 and above will replace %T in imported hotkey macros with TNAME for compatibility

useabilityonplayer TNAME Murderous Design
tell TNAME Giving you some of my hate'!'
Thanks to neutra-eq2 (and a number of others) for the suggestion
Icon Bar selection will advance to the next icon when doing Census lookups
Corrected a bug when a character selects a hotkey file that is not their own from disk
Threat Window
Added new Threat display options and Threat Alerts to the utility
Maintained Spells
Icon Amount displays (wards, charges, etc.) are now abbreviated for values over one thousand. See image below
Stat Monitor
Characters with health and power in the millions can now use warning setpoints in the Stat Monitor. Choose Health Percent or Power Percent in the stat list to set a warning threshold based upon a percentage rather than the raw value

Setpoint alerts for Ability Mod can now be set up to 10 million
Thanks Hiza for testing and feedback
Stopped some interesting behavior on the Player and Extended Player windows. Thanks to barnacles2017 for the heads up
Fixed a utility crash when trying to load Bag data from a non-existent uisettings file
The EQ2MAP status window is now more descriptive and a bit less "Ready"
Increased max house item count on Inventory page to 3200
Added current font style description to the Themes page
Added file diags logging command to the Files page

New Large Examine Window:


March 20, 2017: DarqUI Unified v3.1.0.8

Maintained Spell Monitor
There are some new display modes for the spell monitor (see image below). You can choose fixed (static) tile and icon-only modes to display spells in the specific order listed in the setup grid. You can also choose stacking tile or stacking icon-only mode which will display monitored spells only when they appear. Choose normal or large size version on the updater
Hotkey Sets
Save and load hotkeys for each character without macros or typing
Organize hotkey sets by purpose: AA spec, Ascension class, tradeskills, etc.
DarqUI Icon Bar
A new hotbar-styled window with 24 configurable icon slots
Offload seldom-used spells to the Icon Bar to free up limited hotkeys
Use the DarqUI Utility to transfer your character's hotkeys with just a click
Look up any spell and its icon by name from the Daybreak census server
Virtually any spell, ability, clicky item or macro can be assigned to a slot
Build fully customized commands with icons using the utility or in-game

Many thanks to Accredo for ideas, observations and extensive testing of these features
Threat Window
As if the DarqUI Threat window needed more options, you now have much more flexibility in which sections of the window to display. Minimally, you can display the threat bar by itself. Or you can add any of the other six divisions (see image below)

Thanks to Wittmont for suggesting a more trim Threat window, as well as for his testing and commentary during development

Threat Alerts: configure the Threat bar to play a sound, change the color of the window background, or both when your threat level increases above a threshold that you set

Thanks to Hiza for the suggestion
Your character's Wardrobe listing has been added to the EQ2Inventory page
Wardrobe is searchable, offers EQ2U and in-game links, and is included in reporting
Font Styles
Two new font styles, Franklin Gothic and Trebuchet, are available on the updater
Update the font style of the entire UI with the selection of a single file
View samples of the new styles
Thanks to Dabb for the idea
Use the banking sidebar to move plat easily between bank, shared bank and inventory coin areas
Point and click the amount you want to move (see image below)
Extend and collapse the sidebar automatically when you mouse over a frame hotspot
New large size available on the updater, thanks to FoxdenVixen for the suggestion
Guild Bank
Guild Bank slots can be resized across all tabs and all characters at once
Thanks to FoxdenVixen for the idea
Group/Raid census lookup will now search for Ascension spells
Empty stat slots in the StatMon grid are easier to deal with (utility)
Fixed a display issue when canceling the import of another character's bag profile (utility)
The Ascension XP bar orange gem now toggles Ascension Knowledge spells


February 25, 2017: DarqUI Unified v3.1.0.7

DarqUI and the new utility include the following changes:

Character profile viewer/editor
+ Import another character's layout and settings for bags, banks, chat windows or hotbars without disturbing other UI settings
+ Duplicate sizes and settings for all hotbars at once
+ List and organize voice and chat channels, remove "ghost" chat windows
+ Align hotbars, inventory, bank, shared bank or house vault containers in a compact grid automatically
Remove or reinstall EQ2MAP to repair a bad installation
Configuration pages added for Stat Monitor, Dissonance and Enemy List
Added controls to resize Target and Implied Target effect icons
Added an option to center cooldown timers on hotbar icons


February 24 Target and Implied Target effect icons can be resized.

The Beastlord window was simplified and no longer needs a configuration page in the window manager.


February 15 Settings pages and help files were added to the Window Manager for Enemy List and Dissonance.

February 14 Fixed some display issues with the Community (friends list) Temporary Ignore feature

February 9 Mission list filter added to quest journal to match default UI changes

February 6 Added a helper for large price increments to the DarqUI SetPrice window. This allows setting item prices greater than one million plat on the Broker. The idea was lifted from Silat's Broker Prices for ProfitUI

January 30 Combined WDB and SWDB for XP Bar, Character window, Stat Monitor and Window Manager

January 21 DarqUI Stat Monitor

The new DarqUI Stat Monitor displays up to five stats such as Potency, Fervor, Spell Doublecast, etc. in a large-format, flexible tiled window. Each stat can be configured with a logical setpoint that warns when the value reaches a specified threshold. Warning setpoints can be useful for timing certain abilities that depend upon temporarily high stat values from procs, or for tracking changes to other combat stats such as Threat or Haste.

Use the DarqUI Unified Utility to get the new files. There are normal and large size versions of the monitor. An in-game help file has more information if you need help setting it up.

Thanks to Dabb for the idea.

Jan 26: Added audible setpoint warnings

January 17 DarqUI Unified v3.1.0.6

DarqUI and the new utility include the following changes:

  • Full-screen windowed mode A feature adaptation of the popular Make Window Fullscreen utility by aerlyn_venekor. Using this option (Settings page of the utility), the game window will cover the entire screen even though it is technically in windowed mode. This allows you to [Alt+Tab] to other applications or mouse over to a secondary monitor without the graphical issues that come with switching between full-screen and windowed modes. The game window expands automatically when a character logs in. To return to standard windowed mode, press [Alt+Enter] twice.

  • Added small Mercenary window version
  • Open Harvesting Helper from the Start menu
  • Exit-to-desktop feature added to Shutdown page
  • Ability Doublecast added to XP Bar stats page
  • Additional diagnostics when Census server is down
  • Fixed a display issue with the DarqUI_Notify app on high-DPI monitors

Jan 12: Added new Ability Doublecast stat to Character window, Experience Bar custom stats area and Window Manager

Dec 24: Increased harvesting helper speed range for upgraded harvesting goblin buff (thanks Aniko)

Dec 19: Health/Max Health and Power/Max Power displays are updated to be compatible with Default UI changes. Includes Character Window stats sidebar and combat stats tab, Experience, Player and Extended Player windows and their large size counterparts


Nov 15: Kunark Ascending

Updates for the Kunark Ascending expansion can be downloaded with the DarqUI Unified Utility. Changes include:

  • Experience Bar Added Ascension XP Bar with additional configurable left-side and right-side stat pages.
  • Hotbars DarqUI cooldown timers can be configured for center or lower-left placement on the icons. A new blue gem control on the right-side grab bar, when visible, opens the window manager to the hotbar configuration page.
  • Character Window Added new Wardrobe page and Ascension stat. Added new Mercenary features. Removed Beta warnings. Fixed a tabbing bug (thanks lazary69).
  • Enemies List (new) Choose double-line (default) or compact single-line enemy display by clicking the +/- button on the titlebar.
  • Threat Window Toggle the new Enemies List window by clicking on the crossed-swords area.
  • Set Prices (Broker) Added commission factors for new reduced-commission containers (thanks Accredo).
  • DarqUI Window Manager includes configuration page updates for the above components.


Oct 22: Kunark Ascending Beta

To use DarqUI on the Beta server, place a copy of the DarqUI Unified Utility into your \BetaServer\UI\ folder and run the installation from there. The utility will create a separate installation that will not interfere with your live server UI. If you want to copy your DarqUI customizations over to the Beta server, try the newest version of the utility which has some new tools for Beta participants.

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.5

To ease the transition to Beta for copied characters, version of the utility features a new Beta Tools page. If you are running the utility from the BetaServer\UI\ folder, the Beta Tools tab will be visible on the sidebar. You can use this page to port the following items to Beta:
  • DarqUI customizations
  • Character UI settings files (hotbar and window locations, bag sizes, chat tabs)
  • Custom keyboard layouts
  • Custom option files (preferences and video settings)

Included with this download, DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.1.0.1 optionally offers a helpful tip about DarqUI each time the notifier checks for updates. For help with installing or upgrading DarqUI_Notify, click here.

Oct 19

Use +/- toggle on the frame to switch between one-line and two-line enemy list display

Oct 18

Changed current target slot on Threat List to match default updates

Oct 14

You can toggle the new Threat List window by clicking on the crossed swords area of the main Threat window

Added current target to new Threat List window

The Pet call and shrink buttons should no longer get confused about whether you have a construct, a warder or a servant. Thanks to Accredo for help with testing.

Oct 12

The Maintained Spell Monitor has been updated to show comma separators for "Amount" values (upper right-hand corner of the icon). The window will show values up to 99,999,999. Please report any problems you may have with the display. This is for live and beta servers. Thanks to jeffjl for help with testing.

The Default UI on the Beta server includes a new "threat list" window which has some experimental modifications on the DarqUI update server. The files can be downloaded on live servers but will only be operational on the Beta server at this time. Use the command /togglethreatlistwindow to show the window.

Oct 10

An update to the DarqUI Character (Persona) window is available with features that are specific to the Beta server. If you are not beta testing, you can safely avoid replacing the Character window until the Kunark Ascending expansion goes live.

Other files updated for Beta:
Experience bar (Ascension)
Window Manager


September 27: DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.4

Added configuration pages for Start Menu and Clock/Countdown Timer
Fixed a bug with reordering camp-to-character lists with fewer than 16 characters
The utility help window will remember its open/closed state between sessions
DarqUI files and folders can be viewed or deleted directly from the Updates page
Eq2_poi and eq2_poi_links are now copied only when custom copy does not match the default
Added a tool to generate configuration files for uncustomized components to eliminate extraneous ui.log messages
Housing inventory icon tooltips are no longer cleared when you clear search terms
Added an instructional tooltip to inventory item in-game link on right-click context menu
Updates list is cleared if you change your UI path after checking for updates
Rerouted a deprecated soe.com census call


August 23, 2016: Changes for GU101 are on the updater.


August 5, 2016: Some files have been updated to make DarqUI current with recent changes on the Test server. None of the updates will adversely affect gameplay on live servers.


July 17, 2016: Broker preset filters

You can now search the Broker for items by category using preset filters. Item filter lists were lifted from ProfitUI Market Favorites (most recently Zidu's work). Click "Presets" on the DarqUI Broker window to use the filters. Thanks to Accredo for help with ideas and testing.


July 6, 2016: Added Isle of Refuge and Race To Trakanon servers to window manager.


June 12, 2016: Harvesting helper

The DarqUI harvesting helper window eliminates repetitive mouse clicks and keystrokes during long harvesting sessions. Start the helper window and simply approach a harvestable tradeskill node. The helper will target (target_nearest_npc) and harvest from the resource. As you move from node to node the helper will continuously attempt to harvest, making it unnecessary to click harvesting ability macros or repeatedly double-click the node.

Open the window from the Harvesting page of the XP bar, or type:

show_window Custom.Harvesting


June 4, 2016


May 24, 2016

* Added a spell icon for Shrink Mercenary to the Mercenary window. You can purchase the spell from your class trainer.

* Reworked several URL buttons and added EQ2U links in some places. These include:
- Target and Implied Target
- Quest Journal and Quest Helper
- Examine Item, Spell, Recipe
- XP Bar (Left side Tradeskill page now links to EQ2TC)

EQ2i link buttons were changed from EQ2i to Wikia to avoid confusing them with the EQ2U label.


May 10, 2016

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.3 is a maintenance release that fixes minor issues with the utility and adds some conveniences. If none of the items below are of interest, you can continue to use the previous utility version.

* Closing the utility while minimized no longer results in the window being permanently hidden
* Minimum icon size for spell effects and detrimental effects changed to 15 to match window manager
* Fixed a bug in "Include guild xp bar in rotation" checkbox on XP bar page
* Added lock/unlock of character profiles to right-click context menu in Quick Setup grid
* Added a control to delete unwanted character inventories from the Inventory page
* Pasting an item link into chat from the Inventory page adds spaces before and after the link
* Included DarqUI_Notify v1.1 tray app with the download (was left out of the previous download)
* Fixed a bug where calling the server list from census could fail under certain conditions


April 28, 2016: The Siege of Zek

The following DarqUI updates are available:

* Added Experience Vial system
* Added Resolve stat
* Updated color themes and skins with new graphics


April 19, 2016: EU server updates

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.0.1 contains updates for the EU server consolidation. To show Storms, Valor and Splitpaw characters correctly on Thurgadin in Quick Setup, manually delete the logincache-eu subfolder from your game folder after the server consolidation is complete. Then log in to the Character Select screen once to repopulate logincache before starting the new utility.

If you still see old characters in Quick Setup, you can delete all logincache folders: logincache, logincache-us, and logincache-eu. Then use LaunchPad to log in to Character Select from US-English (if applicable) and EU-English servers separately.

Utility v3.1.0.1 changes:

* Chat log category search language is now selected manually, defaults to English
* Old FR and DE chat logs can still be searched by category in native language
* EU spell suggestion files converted for use on consolidated EU server
* New character inventories use English, old EU inventories can still be viewed in native language
* Server IDs are now pulled from census instead of a static internal list
* Housing layout icons now show a datestamp on the tooltip
* Recently updated tithe alert controls added to XP bar setup page

To update server names in the Shutdown (Camp) character list, click "Import as listed in Quick Setup" on the Shutdown page from any character.

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